Comodo Cloud Antivirus v1.11.417572.505 Released

Hi All,
We are happy to announce release of Comodo Cloud Antivirus v1.11.417572.505.

The primary goal of this release has been to be able to detect crashes in the wild and have them reported. This will allow us to provide even more stable product in future releases that works for all.

Following are changes:

1. Microsoft Edge Browser Support in Sandbox: Edge browser is now fully supported in Sandbox for all versions of Windows 10, including latest creators update.

2. Crash Reporting: Comodo Cloud Antivirus will detect crash of one of it’s applications and offer user to upload crash and other diagnostic data by showing dialog as shown in enclosed snap Crash_Reporting.png

3. Improved Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA) Detection: We have created a back-end infrastructure that is analyzing domains in the wild and able to classify some of domains as PUA domains, which are short lived and mainly generate PUA files. You will see such detection via that cloud driven heuristic as shown in enclosed snap: PUA_Detection.png

4- Copy any shortcuts created by Sandboxed applications to my desktop: This check box is present under Sandbox settings. This feature has been enabled by default. Now you have a control over this and can de-select if you don’t want that default behavior.

5. Controlling Network Activity of Sandboxed Applications: As a first towards providing some form of network control over applications running in Sandbox, we have introduced following two check boxes under Sandbox settings:

  • Block incoming connections to Sandboxed applications
  • Block outgoing connections from Sandboxed applications

These are disabled by default and best suited for Advanced users at the moment:
Above options are confined to TCP traffic only and thus focusing on controlling data oriented network traffic only.
So other protocols like UDP/ICMP, are still allowed.
In next sprints, based on feedback, we will be aiming:

  • To cover all protocols
  • Allowing applications based exclusions
  • Creating Advanced installation option where user can change these defaults

This is without introducing network Firewall and still letting Advanced users control to some extent network activities of Sandboxed applications.
Aim has been to keep things light and still provide a degree of control.

6 - “Ask for Unknown Applications” setting in Sandbox was not working as expected in Windows 10 Creators update, as had been reported in below post:

7 - Sometime setups couldn’t be cancelled in Sandbox as reported here.
You should be able to cancel now. Please report if you still come across cases where setup can’t be cancelled.

8 - Sandbox alert layout has been changed as per following wishlist item, thanks BlueTesta:

9 - Jump to Folder: When you see file path listing, this option was not available in some of places e.g. “Being Analyzed” section, now you should see it across all places.

Setup Details:
Size: 8.71 MB (9,138,496 bytes)
SHA-1: 303ad6bd187b43a1057a56cd40a09e27718043e7
MD-5: 1a9c24548d66307dc9b9c1fa05a1c035

We will be releasing updates to existing users next week.

Thank you very much for all your feedback during Beta testing.

As always, your feedback is extremely valuable to shape this product further, where we have been making it fastest, lightest and simplest endpoint protection with default deny and direct valkyrie integration.


Good :-TU


will viruscope improvments come in future?

Yes, in next CCAV release for sure, under dev/qa.

:-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU thank you!!!

Network error sending files to Valkyrie, i have to try some times to send all files.

Are there any slowdowns with Libreoffice calc?.

Hi lordman,

Network error sending files to Valkyrie, i have to try some times to send all files.

May you please share method you used to upload files?

Are there any slowdowns with Libreoffice calc?.

Shouldn’t be, may you please compare with v478?


Right mouse button and click on send files to valkyrie.

I have experienced some slowdowns (not a big slowdown) from some versions ago… i was waiting to test with some versions because i think that it solves on new versions.

I think, there should be alert & options for connections blocked, like -

Show connections blocked alert

Show allow on the alert

What you guys think?

We will be checking, it seems flaky at the moment.


If you uncheck “When manually scanning, only scan executable files, libraries and scripts” Does the full scan go forever?

If the jack is worth, many files are not checked or are they sent for background checks?

Thank you!

Why softpedia shows CCAV v.1.11.24356.505 instead of 1.11.417572.505 ?

Seems they are taking file version rather product version!


We have issued updates to CCAV users older than v505 today.


What does this mean and what has changed?

So far CCAV v505 was available only for new installations, we had not released updates to existing e.g. v478 users, now we have.

Thanks for inplementing my wish :slight_smile:

Edge appears in the Widget, but not in ‘Run Virtual’ from within CCAV as an installed Browser

Is this by design?

Also: When an application is run virtually and then shows as recent in the Run Virtual section; how long does it stay there or is there a way to clear the recent entries?