Comodo Cloud Antivirus - BETA v1.13.423876.550

Hi All,
We are pleased to announce availability of Comodo Cloud Antivirus Beta v1.13.423876.550 with following changes:

1. Manual Updater:
Now we have manual updater. It is available from two places:

  • Main screen has a button: Check Update
  • Menu shown from Help icon has additional option: Check Update

When we release next beta, you should be able to see it working fully.

2. Proxy Settings:
Under “Settings → General Settings → Updates”, now there is a link to “Proxy and Host Settings”. Like CIS, you will be able to configure proxy for all communication now.

3. Exclusion List for Network Traffic for Apps Running in Sandbox:
Under “Settings → Sandbox → Sandbox Settings” section you have a new check box allowing user to define exception list of applications running in Sandbox that can still communicate over TCP if network related options are disabled. So now you should be able to define exclusions e.g. for browsers running in Sandbox. Requested here and also desired since network control over sandbox apps was requested.

4. Feedback:
We have a feedback icon on main screen, earlier it used to launch URL to Comodo forums. Now user will be able to send a feedback to Comodo and will also be able to go to CCAV section of forums.

5. Internet Security Essentials(ISE) Installation optional:
Earlier ISE used to be installed by default in case you had not installed ISE in the past. Going forward, in case ISE is not currently installed in system, you will be offered ISE during installation and can opt-out. There is a minor bug, in case you had installed in past, you won’t see this option, will be fixed in next beta.

6. Online EULA:
It’s a small change, during installation or update, if you click on EULA, latest EULA will be tried to be downloaded from server.

BETA - Warning:
Following setup is a BETA setup and it is not recommended to test on production machine and it is intended only for beta testers.
So please try at your own risk.

Setup Details:

Size: 8.99 MB (9,436,656 bytes)
MD5: 6f06182c5e44240922158b33a0a7087e
SHA-1: b88e6725ee5e0c971c9a8cf868b2ba62ba2f628d

Please test out all new features.
Any feedback, highly appreciated.


:-TU :-TU :-TU

great job guys!

1. Manual Updater:
it`s for program update?


will you have plans to make ccav scan when pc is offline???

This is Cloud Antivirus. When you do scan, it looks up in cloud, so Internet is a must for scan.
But considering it works on default-deny architecture, you really don’t need to worry about whether you are online or offline.


Does manual update check for VS recognizer too?
Will you make Windows 10 seamless notification for CCAV as well?


Recognizer is not updated via it yet. It will be.

Will you make Windows 10 seamless notification for CCAV as well?
which areas primarily?


Detection and sandbox alert, the same as CIS.
BTW Just found that if VS set to automatically quarantine detected threats there is no single alert (would be good to see the alert about the detection and automatic fix).

I personally prefer the original popup rather than the Windows 10 one, I want it to be consistent. For example, CIS on Windows 10 has no option unblock the application when there is a sandbox alert.

Hi morphiusz,
Right now alerts in CCAV serve two purpose, they inform you about detection / auto-sandbox and also allowing you to create exception.
So it’s single mode.
I have seen many users complaining in CIS not being able to make a decision and click on Windows notification taking them to logs.

What are your thoughts about that and how do you see it should be adopted in CCAV?



the dark theme for ccav looks very nice !!! :-TU

Maybe one day this is also available for cis !? I hope so … !!! :wink:



why ? ???

why not? if you don’t want to use it then you can just use the other ones

I don`t understand that, too !!! A small reasoning would have been helpful .

how is the sandbox from ccav compared to cis these days? any review or testings from cruelsister with new released ccav?

So far I could not find any …