Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.0.379757.116 is Released!!!

Hello Everyone ! ! :slight_smile:

I know that you were waiting for this major release for too long; we have made it ready for you ! :-TU

Here we are very excited to announce that the Comodo Cloud Antivirus First Public Major Version 1.0.379757.116 is now released ! Thank you very much for all your feedbacks , wish & bug reports for the third beta built as we have worked on those bugs and wishes, and will keep working on them on the next releases.

Lightweight protection on both Online and Offline; now also has Multiple Language Support and New Features that will increase the ease of use!

Our main focus after the third beta release was mainly to increase the quality and robustnes of the major release , thanks to your valuable feedbacks! I also would recommend you to check the new features we have added with our latest beta release before you start to play with the product. Even though we focused on the fixes and bug reports, we have also added new features and improvements . We’re still working on your feedbacks that we collect during the beta releases to be applied with the next releases.

Important note: Users with previous beta installed should uninstall old beta first and make a clean installation for the new beta version . We would appreciate receiving your feedbacks, wish and bug reports for the new built 1.0.379757.116.

This is what we call user-friendly! This is what we call simplicity ! Once you have it, you will never look for another protection, this is what you need !

Thank you very much to you all in advance !!

What’s new in 1.0.379757.116 ?

  • New Installer Pages :
    With the new installer pages, learn more about what CCAV features are. With the new design of installers, you will get more about us.

  • New action: “add to exclusions” when malware is detected in manual scan:
    We have added a new action ! Add the threats found during manual scan easily into your exclusions list!

  • Purge on trusted app list:
    Purge button is back, even on trusted vendor list!

Submit non-sandboxed installers for Valkyrie analysis:
You need us to analyse non-sandboxed installers ? Submit them easily.

- Multi Language Support:
New languages added into language support, new languages to be added with the next releases.

Improvements and Fixes:

We have addressed many wishes and bugs/issues reported by our users in this release. Here are a selected few:

  • Option to hide “Upgrade” button on main GUI.
  • When dobule click desktop shortcut ,ccav main UI can’t pop from taskbar.
  • Virtual file should display virtual full path in sandbox applications page.
  • When you restore default config ,changing some config have issue

Download Location

Comodo Cloud Antivirus Public Major V1.0.379757.116

here comes the future of endpoint protection!!!

its 21st century protection for your windows environment!

Welldone to the team for an amazing product.


Thanks Melih and Buket. :-TU

A quick update: Running smoothly though Security Centre still complaining. Not end of the world but still bringing to your notice. :slight_smile:

Thanks Devs for all those hard working and bug fixes, improvements, everything :-TU :rocks:

Excellent news. The very best of luck to CCAV, and all who sail in her!

Hello to all of you… Thank you for this great product and for all your great products… I want to ask something… CCAV comes with virtual desktop?

Thanks, going to test it out!

  • Submit non-sandboxed installers for Valkyrie analysis:
    You need us to analyse non-sandboxed installers ? Submit them easily.

Where is it located exactly? I did not find it in the UI.

This prob was informed repeatedly here & still not fixed…not good.

Untill now, I investigated 2 problems :-TU It is good to us if you can solve :slight_smile:


Interface Bug:;msg828836#msg828836

Good job guys :wink:

First congrats but one question so please don’t get upset were all just trying to help make this the best my question is I noticed downloading it said x86 folder is there or going to be a x64 version like the full suite of comodo or does this ccav protect both 86 and 64 version. I liked this from the start very smooth and stable and if you ever do add a firewall this would be the ultimate security program thanks again for the new release.

Hello Zon3k,

Thank you very much.

CCAV has Sandbox feature with great settings options - it is very easy to configure. There is no virtual desktop for now. Please fill in a wish report if you think that it should be included:

Thanks in advance

Kind Regards

Hey Yigido,

Thank you very much for the valuable feedbacks ! You are always there to support us. The bug and wish reports will be addressed asap. We are waiting for your further feedbacks and let us know about your test results!

Kind Regards

Will this Cloud AntiVirus get along with the current CIS Firewall if only the Firewall is installed?


How does context menu option “Run as trusted” works? i.e one time runs trusted or permanently adds as trusted in the settings?

Windows Defender is not disabled & CCAV is not registered in security center - When is this going to be fixed?

I am testing under shadow defender & will not install on product system until the fix is released.

If under sandbox settings “Run only safe programs” is selected, do we get an alert like autosandbox alert i.e program blocked with the option dont block again?

So, is this the final or a new beta?

Oh cmon, this is stupid. All this extra time and Windows Security and Maintenance looks like it was bombed from orbit. Comodo isn’t even detected properly, everything is showing yellow warnings. Ugh? Like this was done by entirely different team that maintains CIS and that has no clue what security center is in Windows.

And has no clue this prob was repeatedly informed in the thread. And they still failed to fixed it.

Granted, they did fix some things, but this is the most basic thing that EVERY SINGLE AV I know uses properly. Just not CCAV. Yeah, despite warning them several times.

OK, so… Does anyone is running CCAV right now? If so, please, post your considerations regardless ccav stability, resources usage (take print of running processes if possible) and overal lags when openning softwares and files with ccav installed?

from our Facebook page:

Emir Pašalić Great very fast compatible with other antivirus and did not make any impact on pc speed and performance