Comodo Cleaning Essentials review

-“Comodo’s detection rate of 91 percent was second-highest in the current group”

-“Comodo’s rootkit handling was especially impressive. In several cases, it detected and eliminated rootkits strictly based on their sneaky behavior, without help from antivirus signatures. Like Webroot, Norton, and quite a few others, Comodo detected 100 percent of the rootkits”

-“Like the vast majority of current products, Comodo detected 100 percent of the scareware (fake antivirus) samples”

-“There’s even an option to have it replace Task Manager, so Ctrl+Alt+Del brings up the full power of KillSwitch. Clearly this is a tool to delight us geeks, not something designed for the average user.”

-“No Blocking, No Lab Results
Comodo Security Essentials doesn’t get tested by the big independent labs. That’s too bad; I’d like to see how it does. But many of the labs focus on static testing, and this product doesn’t attempt to identify inactive threats. Those that do test Comodo’s suite generally give it low marks.”

CCE 4,5 stars
Norman MC 3.5 stars
Malwarebytes 4 stars
NPE 4 stars
avast! Rescue Disc (3.5 stars

CCE :-TU :a0

Great, my favourite software has been approved! :slight_smile:

What a pity that he didn’t mention about fantastic Aggressive Mode.

This is great to hear. CCE is only getting stronger and like morph said to bad they didnt get to see the power of aggressive mode. Great job comodo team.

All it needs now is a good rescue disc

We promised you the best Protection product…we delivered CIS…

We promised you the best Cleaning product…we deliverd CCE…

(while doing this, we changed the way whole industry works…but hey…;))

Your wishes are our command!!! :slight_smile:


Very good idea! :-TU :-TU :-TU

Good work Comodo Team! Thank you Melih! :wink:

This is really a great news, thanks for sharing it Melih and keep up the excellent work!

Congratulations with the results in this review Melih. Drink one from me… :■■■■

This topic should be moved to CCE…
BTW, great results! :-TU

Yeah, but it has greater exposure here…


How many months this CCE project has been running?
Comparing this brand new tool to other tools and companies that are there for decades, says a lot of CCE and COMODO!

Well done COMODO.

…System experts will love the two bonus analysis tools. And it’s free! We’re naming Comodo Editors’ Choice for cleanup-only antivirus.

:-TU :-TU :-TU


Perfect agree! :-TU support COMODO! :wink:

Congratulations Melih, Devs & Super Team.

Congrats :slight_smile:

I hope CIS will have these cleaning-capabilities later so that CIS can get rewards; the main reason why it doesn’t get rewards is because of it’s cleaning capabilities is not good enough. AV-labs is one example

Congratulations to Melih and CCE team, :-TU

I agree with you, In my opinion Comodo team should work on disinfection capability.


Congrats Comodo Team, and thanks for everything! :rocks:

I don’t agree with you guys. CIS is for protecting, not for being well rated in the cleaning tests.

Comodo has the best protecting product and the best cleaning product, why not add CCE to CIS?

That’s not the point. CIS needs to have more rewards for people to have the wish to use it and for CIS to get reputation. The majority rely on what reviews says and how many rewards it gets

Really, then I don’t get a point “CIS needs to have more rewards”. I prefer to have a product with 50 mln users which is not overloaded with everything than 100 mln users product that it’s heavy and dangerous for novices.

Product A for protection.
Product B for cleaning.

You want A and B combined, but you are well aware that you will never need cleaning - it will be just heavy and useless. good results are not convincing at all :frowning: