COMODO Cleaning Essentials 2.4.225190.192 Released!

Hi Everyone,

We have just released CCE 2.4 with a few fixes and improvements.

What’s new in CCE 2.4.225190.192?

NEW!Add more system/process information to KillSwitch, including disk IO, network IO, GPU, .Net Assembly, etc.
NEW!Scan for abnormal system settings in CCE
IMPROVED!Detect and clean tdss boot partitions
IMPROVED!Enhanced Windows system file repair
IMPROVED!Clean remnants of viruses and rootkits from certain registry locations as well
IMPROVED!Added detection for files signed with weak Authenticode signatures.
IMPROVED! Defense CCE applications against global hook.
FIXED!Autorun Analyzer crashes under certain circumstance.



Bit slow that man, updated this hours ago :wink:
Thanks as always :-TU

:BNC :■■■■

Now, we have to wait for CIS 5.10!

Is the mentioned thing in above link added in this new version.

One of the Devs had mentioned it will be implemented.

Congratulations on the new release.

congrats on another great release

just download and check…

but yes it has been added

great job guys!

Congratulations on the new release!
Very good job Comodo-Team!! :love:

New version in the toolbox :slight_smile:

Congrats on this release Egemen and team.

when repair the infected system, first i use COMODO Cleaning Essentials. Great Tool :-TU

Autorun Analyzer 2.4 is still crashing! Why? :THNK

Without more details, it’s impossible to say.

great release…waiting for CIS6

still got a couple months

Still crash? Please give more details about it, we will looking into it.

Thanks for the update :-TU.


When I open it and when it’s half way done loading all the autoruns, it’s automatically closes/crashes.
Autorun Analyzer 2.3 still works fine.

COMODO Cleaning Essentials also still crashes. When I was starting a scan w/ CCE, when it got to MBR, it stopped and automatically closed/crashed.