COMODO Cleaning Essentials 2.1.215955.162 BETA Released

I just checked and CIS has updated the database on its own. Mine is now at 10783.

i asked about cce not cis

I totally messed that one up! I guess it’s time for bed. Sorry about that, I wasn’t paying attention to the thread. :embarassed:

no worries

Funny you should mention that as I noticed the same today. Checked against CIS and the databases were different (CIS being newer). Tried importing from CIS but that didn’t seem to make any difference :-.


CCE seems to be updating the AV database for me OK.

Make sure to implement this section in final release, please :slight_smile:
1st option ticked by default, second if user decides.

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I found a sample that modifies .exe classes.

(1)The newest version of scanner cannot detect that change (only quick repair) and after restart (after deleting malware files) i couldn’t run any .exe file at all.

(2)I tested previous bulid which has quick repair in scanner, it detected malware file AND .exe classes change, but after restart it was the same (it failed to repair .exe file classes changes)

(3)Then i tested the newest version again, I ran killswitch> Qucik Repair, it detected exe file “disabled” and when i attempted to repair it it said “Repair failed”.

I sent you this sample, Egemen.