COMODO Cleaning Essentials 2.1.215955.162 BETA Released

Hi Guys,

We are excited to announce that CCE 2.1 is ready for BETA testing. This is one of the important milestone releases for CCE.

As you will see in the release notes, there are many new features including a NEW UI!

What’s new in CCE 2.1.215955.162?

NEW Boot logging feature in KillSwitch
NEW “Import Virus Database” feature in CCE
FIXED Defense against ZeroAccess rootkit
FIXED Autorun Analyzer shows “File Not Found” on some system variable paths
FIXED Autorun Analyzer shows only “Scheduled Tasks” entries
FIXED Terminate All Unsafe Processes is not logged
FIXED Some spelling error in GUI
IMPROVED Check UAC/Security Tab/Internet Options/Security Center/etc in Quick Repair of KillSwitch
IMPROVED Use multi-byte charset to reduce log file size
IMPROVED CCE/KillSwitch/Autoruns UI in high DPI
IMPROVED More powerful aggressive mode in CCE
IMPROVED: Fonts and animation improvements in Autoruns UI
IMPROVED Put all data folder into COMODO directory

Download Locations:

Bug Reports
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congrats on new release! great change log
love the new cce UI
keep up the great work. i will try and test this over the next week

Great job as usual! :-TU

C’mon, Morph…test it… :wink:

Props Egemen, and now for the Cloud AV ;D

Excellent product!!!

Certainly i will…:slight_smile:

CCE is no longer scanning for windows changes? I mean DNS and that kind of stuff.

Great product. Love this release. :-TU

By the way, is there a way to jump to the folder the file is in from KillSwitch? I need that in order to easily evaluate the file in question by using other methods. I can’t see that option, and it’s too difficult to do it manually. Is it in fact there somewhere?

Strangely, that feature seems missing from killswitch though there’s a similiar feature in Autorun Analyzer.
Besides these little annoyances, I am loving this release.

Really cool improvement on GUI :-TU

DNS is under “Quick Repair” so I quess it does scanning…

Why are entries in attached screenshot marked as FLS.Unknown?
We are talking about trusted and safe applications with digital signatures which vendors are in TVL.

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I got PM from Egemen telling that scanning for system settings is disabled - it caused too many fp (“CCE detected that i have dns specified have i a virus?? :(” and topic like that).

love the new UI but what happened to the update database button? i tried to run a smart scan and it was trying to update but for some reason it didnt then continued to do the scan with database 1. my connection is fine and im not using a proxy.

loving the new GUI…

i wish comodo internet security has same kind of kind of GUI rather than tabs :slight_smile:

can a next button or results button be added to the scan window after the scan completes. the button will proceed to the scan results.

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The same here.

Yeah…I had to press “Skip” to start it…otherwise I would probably have to wait till morning…Yawn!

actually it just times out after a few minutes and just starts the scan

I see…thanks for letting me know…it was already too late and I didn’t want to wait any longer…