COMODO Cleaning Essentials 2.0.212902.151 BETA Released!

Hello Everyone,

We are proud the announce that CCE 2.0 BETA is ready for your review and test. This version includes some exciting changes and tools!

What’s new in CCE 2.0?
NEW! Autorun Analyzer - We have created the most comprehensive autorun tool available in the market
NEW! Smart Scan - We have introduced smart scan feature in CCE as an alternative to full scanning for faster scanning
IMPROVED! KillSwitch - We have finetuned and optimized KS UI.

The new autorun analyzer is different from most of the others because

  • It is more comprehensive - it will list more entires than others
  • It is capable rating files and hiding safe entries
  • It is capable of detecting HIDDEN registry keys

With this new set of tools and optimizations, CCE can now be used as a swiss-army knife for malware removal.

For bug reports, please use

Download Locations:

32 bit:

64 bit:


excellent work guys!!!

Congratulations! :-TU

I am loving the new KillSwitch and Autorun Analyzer :slight_smile:

CIS 5.8 Final AV Database is not working with this CCE. I have pasted the database but then too CCE is downloading 84 MB database.


+1 :-TU

Have these bugs been fixed in new release?

“CCE aren’t able to detect/clean ZeroAccess rootkit: The rootkit terminates CCE while it is scanning and then blocks the start of the process.”

“I was unable to run KillSwitch/CCE with FakeAV on my system even in Aggressive mode, it didn’t help.”

“Some changes made by malware blocked access to AV security sites (for example, and others security sites).
However, Qucik reapir found nothing to be fixed… was unable to fix it.”

NEW! Smart Scan - We have introduced smart scan feature in CCE as an alternative to full scanning for faster scanning

[attachment deleted by admin]

CIS 5.8 Final AV database can be used for this CCE?



Full protection against 0access rootkit is implemented ?

But its not working. I pasted it but CCE is down loading 84 MB AV database? Does system restart is required after pasting?


After couple minutes with new CCE:

  • KillSwitch is much more faster than before. It doesn’t hog the CPU now.
  • Still I miss moving list of process “directly” after i open Killswitch. In older killswitch, when you opened it, then you could use your mouse roll to move process’ list without clicking on the list first (like now). It’s minor, but would be nice if you can correct that.
  • i’m gonna test some other things to see if improved… then i’ll give a report :slight_smile:
  • i guess that smart scan(BTW very fast) is: memory, autorun, system settings, and critical folders and files (right?).
    I would add scanning for infected MBR by deafult :stuck_out_tongue: It is not too dangerous (We are talking about scan for infections, not all modifications) and we all know how tdl3/tdl4 rootkits can be dangerous (user by default settings wion’t know about it),
  • I think that it was a bad idea to remove KillSwitch from main CCE window,
  • autorun analyzer it’s pretty nice!

this is a great release!
smart scan took about a minute and a half. idk if its supposed to be that fast
and everything loads faster :-TU

is the main GUI of cce going to change before the final release? (to match new cis, killswitch and autorun analyzer?)

In my computer, it is ok.

Try to delete C:\ProgramData\Comodo\CCE\ folder and see if that helps. C:\ProgramData can be different in Windows XP.

YEs. The main UI is changing as well.

awesome! thanks for the response

It worked, thanxx.


Smart Scan found a malware, is it really malware?

Attached is the screenshot.


[attachment deleted by admin]

It is still there…under Tools… :wink:

No. This is a false alert. It says DNS has changed but it is giving the wrong impression of infection. Needs to be fixed.