COMODO Cleaning Essentials 2.0.212902.151 BETA Released!

I got the same result…I’m using Comodo DNS 2.0 beta…
Maybe it’s some kind of warning that DNS setting has been changed?

Great release Comodo team, love it so far :-TU

IMO this warning about dns changed is a good idea.

What’s about adding to QucikRepair ability of detecting disabled Security Center?

I am using my ISP DNS but I have Comodo Dragon with Comodo DNS for Dragon Only.


Yeah…like MBAM… :-TU
I think it would be enough to rename threat from “DNS Specified” to “DNS Change” or something similar, more convenient…

Attached is the screenshot of Quick Repair. It also mentions DNS Changed in Global Profile, is this also FP?

Running ISP DNS
Comodo Dragon with Comodo DNS for Dragon Only.


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Nice release, just downloaded now and am playing about with it. Well done guys!

Is it me or is autoruns only showing ‘tasks’ ???

Just a question. But, I do not understand why anyone would even worry about these data files being used from one product to another considering CIS is a full-fledged always on Security System for your desktop/laptop and CCE is a product used on an already infected machine?

Download the program and put it on to a flash drive and there you can periodically update it to keep it fresh in case your system becomes unusable from infection in which will not be possible (IMO) if you are using CIS already.

Sure it is always usable for test procedures I suppose.

new KillSwitch and Autorun Analyzer. Very nice~ :-TU :-TU

false positive on opendns configuration

i just ran the new smart scan and i get this:

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[size=14pt] THANK You Very Much :-TU

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Very, very nice work guys! Big :-TU to the development team!!

i dont think its a FP its just letting you know that the dns is changed. the risk indicator is low

egemen can the autorun analyzer but added to the tools menu in the main cce gui with killswitch?


cool thanks

indeed, the dev team has really done us proud on this!

Yes. We have added experimental support.

Good idea.