COMODO Cleaning Essentials 1.8.207117.137 BETA Released

Hello Everyone,

We have just release CCE 1.8 BETA.

What’s new in CCE 1.8.207117.137?
NEW: New KillSwitch 2.0
NEW: Aggressive mode in KillSwitch and CCE (start with SHIFT key pressed to evade ome of the processes that terminate security software)
IMPROVED: More powerful disk access methods when scaning for malware
IMPROVED: Quick repair in KillSwitch for all users
IMRPOVED: More powerful system settings scanner including DNS, winsock, Proxy, etc
IMPROVED: MBR scanner for multi-OS system
IMPROVED! New CAV with smaller AV base

Download link:
This release is obsolete.

Please post your feedback and reports here.

Can’t wait to test!

Awwww yeahh ;D
Downloading now… :smiley:


Thanks downloading now…

woo iv been waiting for this for a while. im excite to start testing this especially the new killswitch. killswitch 2.0 is comodos version right? not process hacker. i will test once i get home from school in a few hours

Aggressive start seems pretty good, KilSwitch as well, but I’m wondering if it has capabilities of detecting hidden processes as previous killswitch :slight_smile: I can’t see this in options.

I found 2 problems so far:

  1. I was unable to run KillSwitch/CCE with FakeAV on my system even in Aggressive mode, it didn’t help. (have this sample).

  2. Some changes made by malware blocked access to AV security sites (for example, and others security sites).
    However, Qucik reapir found nothing to be fixed… was unable to fix it.

Good. Can you please send me the smaple for testing these?

Bug Report:

A Typo and a pre-defined broken entry.
Program Usage Analyzer shows ‘Alomost’ instead of ‘Almost’.

Run has preset ‘regedi’ in the run box.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I tought DACS will came back with this version but I don’t see it… Did I miss something?

Sample sent.

CCE.EXE gets the following rating, when running KS:

All other are rated as SAFE. Its this supposed to be like that?

I am also missing SEND TO VIRUSTOTAL option and TERMINATOR.
And also include an option where to see the SHA1 for every file running in memory.

I really like better this new KS v2.0. Good job! :-TU

Is the Application Tab there in this version where we can end task any not responding program like in task manager? This was promised by the devs to be implemented in the new version.


Yes, it is.

Thanxx for the info. Downloading now…


excellent work guys!

Cleaning an infection is a difficult thing but with CCE we have a great starting point!

and loving this new Killswitch alomost perfect :slight_smile:

Issue Report;

CCE Memory scan is running for 2h 30min now, objects scan count = 136.
Windows XP Professional guest in VMware, started a ‘Full Scan’.
System is completely drained and almost unresponsive.

Other software running
Comodo Backup Beta5 & CIS 5.8.x.2037

Bug Report;

Typo in ‘highlighting…’

Typo (Capital T for Thread) and lost char in ‘Advanced Options’.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I like the new kill switch, but have a question about the option “total IO bytes”. What does that represent? I was thinking it would be read+write+other, but the math does not add up.

Im liking the new killswitch a lot. great job comodo. the loading screens were much needed

just one question why does cce now download the av database to c:\programdata\CCE now instead of the folder where cce is located?

Loving the new Killswitch. Thanks for the quick release.

The only ‘bug’ I have found apart from what has already been said is the old-fashioned resizing method used on the program - as if I have turned off the ‘Show window contents while dragging’ option in Performance options. Strangely enough, it doesn’t do it in any of the other windows (‘Program Analyzer’, ‘Quick repair’ etc)