COMODO Cleaning Essentials 1.8.207117.137 BETA Released

The new features are always good but the thing about killswitch is I prefer the old interface. Some quirks about the new killswitch are:
-Cannot see window contents while dragging
-Column width isn’t remembered
-I would like the original icons at the top instead of the new toolbar
-Program usage analyzer doesn’t work. The green progress bar is always full and the scan button does nothing.
-Single click and double click to show/hide from tray don’t work. Only a double click to restore from the tray works.

These aren’t huge issues, but it would be kind of nice if they were addressed before the final release. There are still plenty of betas beforehand to accomplish this.

same here… why CCE downloads update at different folder… i like the way database kept in CCE 1.7 in its own folder…

idk if you have realized that this killswitch is completely new. in cce 1.7 comodo used the open source Process hacker and just built on that. in this version comodo does not use process hacker anymore and wrote there own code

New KillSwitch stores virus database and some other files in different folder, so that CCE can be loaded from read only memory and work normally.

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Yes, I am aware that this happened. Does comodo have to avoid letting their own killswitch look like the process hacker killswitch? I think you can write a program from scratch but allow the GUI to look similar to an existing program. Let me know if some kind of licensing issues forbid this.

idk about licensing but i dont see a reason to make it look the same. comodo has never followed what others do and its better that they keep it that way. they should not make their own killswitch look like someone elses product. i understand that you like process hacker’s GUI better but comodo should not copy PH

Hey everybody,
Please post your bugs and GUI errors in the new thread titled BUG reports for CCE 1.8.207117.137 BETA


Finally, this versions works for me in my VM so I’m able to test CCE against malware now. :slight_smile:
I got a sample that modifies .exe classes in registry. After it is deleted by CCE no exes can’t be started anymore:

Gonna send you the sample via PM, egemen.

Is the virus database for CIS 5.8 beta latest & this CCE beta the same & can be copy-paste?


Yes you can use the same base.

DNS/hosts/proxy aren’t Disabled, THEY ARE CHANGED.

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First impression: Looks great. Keep it out

i havent messed with killswitch to much yet but was wondering what the program analyzer does

It gives you info about how often do you use each app.

Useless, if you ask me,
useful if is it going to be some kind of popularity “checker” and it will give you info about safety (for example used by less than 10 users…) etc.

thanks for the info. its somthing i wont be using. melih has said they r working on some type of file rating system. maybe this is it but i doubt i

I do not know if this sort of “program” (as per your explanation) makes practical sense in this particular program. But, I do see it’s effectiveness again if I’m not mistaken if that was to be implemented into CIS in a way to pinpoint how many times a particular service has been a use. Haven’t I read in a various of threads asking why CIS has “svchost.exe” being used all the time? or at least it did.

possibly not. :slight_smile:

Yes, this malware will modify the .exe file extension association in registry, CCE only cleaned the .exe samples but not restore the .exe file association. CCE will scan the .exe file association in next build. As for now, the solution as follows:

  1. Copy %windir%\regedit.exe to %windir%\
  2. Run
  3. Navigate to “HKEY CLASSES ROOT.exe”, make sure the default value is set to “exefile” (not include the quotes)
  4. Navigate to “HKEY CLASSES ROOT\exefile\shell\open\command”, make sure the default value is set to “%1” %* (Include the quotes)

You can see here new CCE in action, as you can see:

  • aggressive mode need to be improved,(it failed to run under this rouge installed).
  • starting little windows of KS or CCE especially in Aggressive mode is modified (looks like background, is just gray etc)

my computer is down so i can’t try the new version of cce but if comodo just changed the gui to be different then that in my opinion is changing for the wrong reason. i hope they built the gui based on efficiency and user friendliness which i’m sure they did. i hope it is better in those areas than the previous gui even though i didn’t discover any problems in previous versions of cce with the little time i’ve spent with cce. comodo should go with what is effective and works well regardless of whether or not it looks similar to another program

Well done guys, will install later and have a play and check the whole KS 2.0 out. :slight_smile: