COMODO Cleaning Essentials 1.5.181743.64 RC2 Ready!

Hello Everyone,

We are very excited to announce that Comodo Cleaning Essentials is ready for private beta testing.

What is Comodo Cleaning Essentials?

Simple. CCE is a set of tools we created for cleaning the infected computers. The main application, CCE, is a powerful virus, spyware, rookit scanner and cleaner. It has many advanced scanning and cleaning techniques that are not present in CIS yet. And then we have a powerful tool called Killswitch, which is purely for experts to diagnose EVERYTHING in a computer. Give it a try!

CCE features:

Whats new in CCE 1.5.181743.64?
NEW: CCE can now fix critical system settings (disabled task manager, ms config, run, regedit, etc).
NEW: New languages supported: Russian and Ukrainian
IMPROVED: More powerful MBR scanner
IMPROVED: Save CCE options in config.ini instead of registry
FIXED: Hidden files scanner does not work for some NTFS partitions
FIXED: KillSwitch crashes when opening properties of certain process
FIXED: KillSwitch does not show BHO correctly in some cases
FIXED: “Handle properties” can not be closed under certain circumstance in KillSwitch

[b]This is a private BETA and must not be used for any other purpose than testing. It can contain serious bugs and must be used only by community members.

DO NOT distribute it outside this forum as it is not intended for end-users even for testing purposes.[/b]

Bug Reports:

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New stuff to play with :-TU

Congrats with the new release; it is looking good. (:CLP)

It looks like “CE can now fix critical system settings (disabled task manager, ms config, run, regedit, etc).” is part of the scanner rather than a module like in Super Anti Spyware. That could be something for a future release?

well done:)

Do you want it in swedish?

Valentin N

Sure. We might put them in Killswitch too.

Good news! I’ll try it.

Looks great thus far. Congrats.

Testing as I write…thanks for the new release :-TU

is DACS close to being ready for the file scanner instead of just scanning memory?

great release this product is looking close to a final release. i like the tools menu more now then how it was before, its more organized

i hope you do add this it is a must when fighting malware

keep up the great work comodo team

this is what I really am interested in also.

:-TU :-TU :-TU
It was said many times… devs should think about this!

I’m not sure if this will be implemented like this, this would put a HUGE load on the DACS infrastructure and will increase you scan time immensely because it would need to upload way to much files for the systems to handle. They have to come up with some sort of smart coding that only verifies stuff in suspicious places like hitman pro does.

What I’d also like and would possibly be more interesting is the ability to select files and offer to scan them by DACS manually.

Yes ronny, your idea is good too.
But scanning only unknown executables - comodo has very big whitelist.

yea thats what i kind of figured. i wasnt sure how they were going to implement DACS. It would probably be best if they did it like u said and add it to custom scan so we can scan what we want with DACS.

maybe one of the devs will tell us how they are going to implement DACS :wink:

why not translate killswitch into simplified Chinese ? cce has a Chinese gui now

Please correct me I am posting in the wrong thread.

Does Comodo have any improving/self-learning from DACS results?

What I mean is, if a file is found infected in DACS results and not by Comodo AV scanner,

does CCE take any special care of that file and send it to Comodo Labs for Immediate verification?
(I know they would have already scanned it by CAMAS and therefore the sample is with Comodo Labs, still, that puts the file in queue with many other non malicious files and thus takes long to reach the testers).

But we have either a clear case or atleast a greater chance of the sample being a malware, therefore if it is given a high priority, it would improve CAV detection a lot.

I would like to translate the CCE to Hungarian!! ;D
I need the English templates… :wink:

Sorry to do another bad report.

  1. Time of scanning is unbelievable long.
  2. The CPU consuming is very very high, almost rendering the computer.
  3. The avast sandbox detection was reported as false positive A LOT OF times. And the team did nothing with it. I have three partitions and then three “hidden folders” of avast sandbox.

[attachment deleted by admin]

i remember comodo saying that they do nothing with the results from the other vendors meaning that they dont analyze or touch the samples. DACS is like p2p it just stays in the community.

my question is how they are going to handle FPs from other vendors

melih stated this is his post about DACS

and im just wondering if this is already implemented or if there still working on it