Comodo Cleaning Essentials 1.2.174769.31 BETA Ready!

Updated Version is Available

Hello Everyone,

We are very excited to announce that Comodo Cleaning Essentials is ready for private beta testing.

What is Comodo Cleaning Essentials?

Simple. CCE is a set of tools we created for cleaning the infected computers. The main application, CCE, is a powerful virus, spyware, rookit scanner and cleaner. It has many advanced scanning and cleaning techniques that are not present in CIS yet. And then we have a powerful tool called Killswitch, which is purely for experts to diagnose EVERYTHING in a computer. Give it a try!

CCE features:

Whats new in CCE 1.2.174769.31?

FIXED! DACS does not timeout under certain circumstances
FIXED! Slow registry scanning
FIXED! CCE cant update virus DB if DNS/Proxy settings of the computer are changed
FIXED! CCE cant be started under UAC

There will be another beta release next week which should have more features added.

During the lifetime of the product, more tools and functions will be introduced.
This is a private BETA and must not be used for any other purpose than testing. It can contain serious bugs and must be used only by community members. Please do NOT distribute it outside this forum as it is not intended for end-users even for testing purposes.

Bug Reports:

Please use

Download Locations:

If you are interested in the source code of relevant GPL parts you can obtain them from

Regards & Happy New Year!

Downloading Now! :slight_smile: Thanks for the update!

and happy new years too all!


Congrats, and happy new year!

Excellent work guys!!!

Now we fight the “cleaning the infected PC” battle…

We were the only ones for “keeping the clean pc clean” battle…:slight_smile:

And you know what…CCE and KillSwitch are two excellent products to go to that battle with! Welldone! and happy new year to all!


Congrats with the new beta release. (:CLP)

Thank you guys, you are the best of the best of the best! :-TU

Thank you to all the comodo team for making another version of this great product by Comodo. I am downloading it now!

win xp sp3 32bit
latest CCE 32bit beta

Thx for latest beta, although I have found a small GUI issue
when first opening CCE the virus DB begins to d/l latest sigs…If you hover your mouse over the words “The virus database signature is updating” you will notice there is a letter r missing from the sentence…It reads " click to update you virus database to newest" of course it should say your
Keep up the great works guys :slight_smile: thanks and Happy new year

thanks , keep up the goodies.

Thanks guy’s :-TU
And a Happy New Year to everybody

Custom scans still don’t utilize DACS or CAMAS results.

This particular malware sample was found on MDL.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Killswitch is very cool, but CCE takes too long to scan. I killed it after 1 hour.

that’s true , DACS is not ready yet , but I’m sure that the devs are working on this right now.

can’t wait to see DACS in action along with Full and custom scan in CCE.

Thanks for the source code release.

Thank you for a great Product - Process Hacker!

Thanks to your good work, many people will be able to fight malware with Killswitch and Process Hacker!



I used CCE for the first time today and I was very impressed with its thoroughness in scanning the Win 7 x64 registry in that it found 9 high risk detections on my computer which has always scanned clean before which as it turns out still is clean because all of the detections were from Microsoft, LightScribe, Intel and a trusted program which I’ve used for many years. I’m not complaining I just wanted to share these results.


[attachment deleted by admin]

I’m guessing some of those “hidden keys” are due to embedded nulls. You often get these FPs with RootkitRevealer as well.

Would using RegDelNull to delete these keys help here?

(I don’t know actually know what HiddenValue means.)