Comodo Cleaning Essentials 1.1.174294.27 BETA Ready!

Thanks to everyone at Comodo… Merry Christmas to everyone!!

it should be very fast…DACS guys are still messing around with the service…so it might take until next week before the DACS service is fully up and running though…



Please go ahead and try KillSwitch on a totally infected PC and use KillSwitch only to remove the malware…its soooooo much fun :slight_smile:


Yes eagerly waiting for Languyy’s Video on this Malware Smashing Tool.

Hav Fun

Will it be ale to identify infected MBR? I mean can it clean if some TDL (or some other) virus altered it?


CCE Localizations are provided?? I am available for Italian translation… :wink:

MBR and Bootkits are special cases that will be handled with CCE in the upcoming versions. This version does not handle them afaik.

all in due course…

but we are considering making this only available to techies and sys admins etc…not sure we will make this public to everyone…just techies and sys admins etc…its a powerful tool that could be dangerous if not used properly, which would then reflect badly on us.


Thanks Melih for the prompt response.

Wish all the best to you and your team. And now waiting to see CIS v5.3 atleast some review thru languy ;D
And one last question Melih (bit off-topic). Are there any improvements to Sandbox or D+ in upcoming version v5.3?


Yes there are…

also our guys are working on some Sh** hot version of the sandbox…its our focus…expect continuous improvements…

One thing though guys…

When showing processes that are “untrusted” …there aren’t many…this shows how far our Whitelisting has come along :wink: There are some PCs where killswitch showed nothing when I ticked “hide safe objects”…
of course this is a good news…shows that default deny is working :slight_smile:

Excellent Melih.

can’t wait to see a video from languy99 :slight_smile:

Yes indeed, I only got 1 untrusted process. Comodo’s white-list got pretty huge ;D Killswitch comes in really handy when dealing with a very infected PC. I’m pretty amazed by the way with the the big amount of options killswich’s got. You can even replace task manager with killswitch :-TU

I think DACS is now overloaded…

Please, leave this tool (killswitch) available to everyone, not just some people.:slight_smile:
If I have Avast boot time scan scheduled, what’s gonna happen after this>

[attachment deleted by admin]

the guys are fixing some DB things in the servers…sorry :(…thats the beauty of Beta process i guess :slight_smile:

After a full scan, CCE showed 0 detected threats, but asked for reboot.After reboot, that’s what I saw(see pic.)
So, my question-How can I know and how can I check if this is FP or a real rootkit?Why CCE didn’t give me an option to choose, but cleaned it automatically?

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But everything is working?

DACS results are slow in coming…or none coming…depending on the servers…guys are fixing it…