Comodo CIS V.10 freezes

Hello all

I am using CIS Pro for more than 5 years and up to version everything was running smoothly.

Recently I upgraded to version 10 and that was catastrophic.
CIS freezes randomly, sometimes when computer boots, CIS is not responding. Totaly freeze.
Sometimes at the first alert display. When I click on Treat as, it freezes. No response at all.
In any case, reboot is the only solution.
This behavior is on ALL my PCs :
1 - Main PC MB Gigabyte Z170 HD3P SSD NVIDIA GT630, Windows 10
2 - Dell Studio 8000 with a fresh and clean install of Windows 10
3 - Three virtual machines under Virtualbox
One running Windows 10
One running Window 8.1
One running Windows 7
All of theeses PC are up todate.
And all of theese PC, Comodo CIS V. 10 freezes.

Needless to say I reverted back to version

Now another thing :
I still have CIS V.10 on a Windows 10 Virtual machine.
I decided to remove it also.
So, Programs and Features —> Comodo Internet Security
Repair, Change or Remove —> Answer Remove Completely
Uninstall works than PC Reboots without asking to.
Surprise : Comodo is still there in systray and in Programs and Fetures.
Second try : Again Remove completely
Uninstall works and ask to reboot Computer this time.
Ok reboot and surprise again :
Comodo still in system tray and active, but has disappeared from Program and Features.

My question :
Is Comodo a a malware and how to get rid off definetely ?

No answers to my first post.
I hope I will get an answer to this one and not to have to reinstall Windows.

Honestly, I think that my Comodo Experience had ended definitely after 5 years.

No problems on my system. Are you importing a config? That could be the problem.

No. I did not import anything.
Windows 10 is a clean install, Comodo is a clean install.
On all my mchines I tested V.10, i uninstalled first CIS V.8 and made a clean install.
I also tested on 2 notebook, one old Samsung and an Asus Zenbook, all running Windows 10 and CIS V.8 with no problems.
My virtual machines running windows 7 and windows 8 also have random CIS V.10 freezes.
It is not a Windows 10 problem.
As I said, sometimes CIS freezes immidiately after boot. Trying to open CIS have no effect.
Sometimes, it is working after boot, but on the first alert showing on screen. I click on Remenber, this is ok, then I click on Treat as and it freezes.
Cannot close the alert, CIS not responding. Only solution is to reboot.

That’s odd. Is HIPS enabled? Did you try to disable “Play sound when an alert is shown” option under Advanced Settings > User interface ?

That’s odd. Is HIPS enabled? Did you try to disable “Play sound when an alert is shown” option under Advanced Settings > User interface ?
Yes Play sound is disabled.
Sandbox is disabled
Web site filtering is disabled
Viruscope is disabled
Scheduled virusscan is disabled
HIPS is NOT disabled, but Enable enhanced protection mode is disabled.
Well, I can disable HIPS to test, but then why to use CIS anyway with everything disabled ?

Please export / attach your configuration. Also, please attach a diagnostics report.

How do I get a diagnostic report ?

main interface window > question mark (?) > support > diagnostics

Here are the reports.
When CIS is not frozen, Diagnostic did not find any errors.
When CIS is frozen, I can’t get to diagnostics.

Can you also check to see if any memory dumps are created in the C:\ProgramData\Comodo\CisDumps folder?

No. The folder is empty.

There seems to be indeed a problem. I’ll report it. Thanks.

Hello everybody

Is there any news about a new CIS V10 release ?
I am still testing on a virtual machine running Windows 10 and CIS V
Now it is impossible to use Opera.
When Opera starts, a pop up message from CIS ask if I want to allow Opera.
I click on “Treat as” then I click on “Web browser” and CIS freezes completely.
The only solution is to restart.
But if I click on “Allow” instead of “Treat as”, CIS does not freeze and it works.
Furthermore, I am having frequent messages from Windows to update Virus signature while it is up to date.

Should be fixed with version <>. Please check.

Thanks for the info.
I have upgraded one machine to this new version and activated all functions of CIS.
After a few hours of functioning, no problems appears and everything is working properly.
I will continue deep testing and I will post here the results.
By the way Sandbox is now Containment Tasks ?

Yes it is

I upgraded 2 other PC to the new V 10 release and everything runs smoothly. I did not notice any strange behavior.
Except one thing very very very annoying. A CIS shortcut on the desktop. On all the PC with new V 10.
I delete the shortcut and two seconds later its back. Impossible to remove.
How can I permanently delete this shortcut ?

It’s a known and recorded ‘bug’ which will be fixed

My temporary solution is:;msg854201;topicseen#msg854201

Ok, thanks.