Comodo CIS V.10 freezes

Unavailable … how did you delete this ■■■■■■ shortcut?

The update to fix this and other bugs should be out either today or tomorrow

All I did to hide it was make my own shortcut and place it wherever; then change the properties of the one that keeps popping up to Read Only and Hidden

Thank you! During the start of the virtual kiosk CTF Loader (ctfmon.exe) - a green frame and closing. Add to the exceptions Containment does not work. Can you help me with this problem?

Explain a little more . . . . are you talking about the Sandbox (now Containment)? An application is run in Containment and then?

should be fixed with next build. please check again when it’s available.

Thank you for hope. I very often use the sandbox and this problem is very annoying for already 8-10 months

Yeah I can say i’m having a variation of this problem. A rather odd one at that.

First boot, the system will start upo and then get to the point wher Comodo will usually load and there it more or less causes Windows Explorer to stall. NOt only does COmodo refuse to start but the windows task bar and windows explorer more or less freeze up.

If I reboot, sometimes it will come up normally, but other times it can take as many as 4 reboots .

The problem does not happen in Windows Safe Mode.

This problem is to say the least rather disruptive… ANy hope of this being fixed or some way to revert back to version 9.
I recall the later versions of 9 had a glitch wherein sometimes COmodo would fail to start with windpows but at least then it didn’t stall or prevent anything else from running and I could start it up just fine manually.

OS iw WinXP SP3 Btw