Comodo BOClean Wishlist 1

When BOClean detects a trojan, you can set it to create a report file. How about adding the ability to send the report file by email to a nominated address when each report is created. This would be handy for admins etc.

Ewen :slight_smile:


I have read that BOclean only have realtime protection? What about the ability to scan the computer?

And send a report like panic says, but also the possibility to send files detected by the heustic-scanning to Comodo. Like with your firewall and anti-virus/spyware. :slight_smile:

Real time only

The idea is to use BOClean for realtime only. As Kevin starts working on the CAV he will then create a full blown AV/Spyware/Trojan like product that has all the features. And BOClean will be a module within that working in realtime. of course you will always have the ability to have BOC on its own.


I, for one, am very glad to hear that. When I saw that a “BOClean Wishlist” was started, I feared that there would be pressure to make BOClean all things to all people, replicating features, bells, and whistles of other apps.

I was eventually going to say that, but i prefered to read your confirmation. You’ve said that before, in other words. I guess you’ll have to say that again sometime soon ;D

Make the icon shiny like the Firewall icon. :smiley:

Have autoupdate of program instead of uninstall and install when a new version is out.

Have a rightclick scan context menu.

You can drag a file into the GUI of BOClean and BOClean will scan it.

I have to agree with this.
BOClean is a great program right now, I’ve been using it for about 2 years.
Surely Kevin will make the right upgrades neccessary without the addition of all the bells and whistles, no need for that.
Like the old saying goes…“If it aint broke dont fix it”

Please understand that I don’t want BOCLean to get bogged down with superfluous features, either. The degree of protection it provides in such a small footprint is remarkable and it needs to stay that way, lean, fast and unobtrusive.

When I mentioned adding emailing the reports to a remote address, I was thinking this might tie in with the Centralised Management Console that Comodo are developing. This will hopefully allow adminstration of and notification from Comodo security applications across a LAN.

My intent was not to bog BOClean down, but to extend it.

Ewen :slight_smile:


My post wasn’t directed at you, sorry for the misunderstanding.
I just meant that I hope BOClean doesn’t get a complete transformation or overhaul.
Thas why I also mentioned Kevin making the right decisions about any upgrades that may happen in the future.
I expect some things to change with BOClean in the future just hopefully they aren’t dramatic.

My wish is you leave the BOClean standalone version alone.(if it aint broke don’t fix it) (:CLP)

Fiddle with the suite package if you must. (:NRD)

But congratz on a superb purchase, COMODO. I’ll be watching.

Long time BOClean user.

Hi and welcome,

BOClean will always remain as a standalone product like Comodo’s other products. Users will have a choice whether they want the standalone or suite style applications. :wink:


Hello Comodo users, First congrats on the marriage of two good security products. (:WAV)

I believe this can be a very good thing. :THNK

My wish is for BOClean to remain lightweight and keep it as a seperate security app. but allow as you have said it to be part of your suite. Suites are the wave of the future for the general population user. It is the only way to grow. It will be difficult to survive as a stand alone ONLY. NSClean has made a good choice in so far as I can tell. Give Kevin and Nancy lots of support let them continue their vision as they intergrate it into yours. This would include the support that is second to none intact. Your goals are the same.

It is a sad day for malware and a victory for for PC security. (:CLP)

I join your forum today because I believe in your mission. I believe two great products have come together to make each better as part of a more comprehensive security package.

As a long time BOClean user I wish both soon to be viewed by me as one… all the best success. :SMLR

So the functionality si there, then I wonder why it,s difficult to adda right click scan feature or an on-demand scan of a folder or HD?

As I know BOClean currently works by signatures only( I may be wrong). AS it,s a memeory scanner, it might be a good idea to add some behavior base detection of malware in it/ IDS/ real time heuristics etc.

That feature was a never intended to get out to the public, it was just for “inhouse-testing”

Read more here:,7808.msg56737.html#msg56737

Perhaps localized language versions (:LOV)


It never only operated by just Defs only, and niether will the new version !

It had other very clever tricks up it’s sleeve, as Melih realised and was impressed enough to buy the company. A bit like Victor Kiam when he bought Remington, except this was an even closer shave !


Updating: could the Auto Update be a time after a connection is made, please, instead of after starting? BOClean brings up the connectoid’s dialogue box - bit annoying. Needs to be more like Avast!

BTW, CFP has asked me about BOC around 30 times - almost got me worried!