Comodo BOClean Wishlist 1

Hi … I’m new, I just downloaded Comodo anti-virus and notice this forum site , great , Though I’m curious where is the place to download Anti Trojan Comodo BOClean 4.23 ? Can someone provide a link to download ? My wish list would be within this forum site , I would like to see for every products there would also be a link to download it …


CBO download link:
I agree on making the links more accessible.

I quote myself from another thread.


Hi and thanks for making this wonderfull product free.

I do have one wish.
It is my understanding that when a program is launched the icon turn green for the time it scan it.
I alwais think it’s good to see what is running on my comp.

So i’d like CBO to keep a list of the last [at least 10, can be configurable] launched process.
I do beleive it’s a ligthweigth feature that can be very helpfull in either tracing problem, detecting program that whould not lauch and why. As an added bonus it can serve as a confirmation that CBO is actually doing something, without the need to download and launch a trojan :wink:

Thank you ! And yes it would be easier if there is links to each product

I agree.

Something that BOC had in the past which I found helpful at times was a manual update link where you could grab the latest update.
I liked being able to install and update BOC on a box I didn’t trust to connect on my network.

Melih said that it’ll be a module (some posts before yours). So it’ll be available as a standalone and a module?

Back to the topic:

  • nicer gui
  • less chaos
  • if i’m already running an application and i also dropped it into the CBO window and the program said it’s a malware and i choose delete, then CBO should KILL the process as it’s not able to delete the running program!!! This was tested with GRC’s leak test application but i guess you can test it with any others.
  • checkbox for “On top”: i read that it shouldn’t, however, i really don’t like pressing Win+M all the times to get the file working. It’s also difficult to read the looong manual while you can’t see the program!
  • possibility, to choose GMT time zone;
  • let me select update source (intranet share, ftp, etc.);
  • run a wizard before first start up, before you actually use the program with auto-selected “Automatic…” things;
  • context helps, fe. a small help to the Exluder is “Drag&drop the files from the Windows explorer”. You should also create quick-notes for every checkboxes.
  • (low priority) BOC shouldn’t freeze while it’s Exluder is running;
  • i see no version numbers so i’d be more than glad to recognise which version i’m running.


The idea is that there will be a full antivirus and antispyware product which BOClean will be implemented into. Kevin is to start work on recoding BOClean so it can be implemented into Comodo Antivirus.

However, BOClean - as it is - will still be available on its own. You can see Melih’s full quote below.


Naughty Arki… next time read all sentences twice ^^ Thx!

lol, no problem. :wink:


update thru http
my provider only give me these protocol and opened port for

  • http/https
  • smtp
  • pop3
  • mesengger

So I can’t download update from ftp.

We should be able to reset the settings in BOClean to default with a button called “Reset to default”

And it should be done so BOClean allways is on top. Because if the boclean menu is open and you open the browser, then the boclean window is behind the browser.

I’m in a somewhat similar situation and I inadvertently posted it in the wrong area (it happens with me all the time). Please see my post for the workaround I came up with (interim).

First an “http” type download of updates for units not currently connected and eventually a way for network administrators to push out the updates in a secure environment (restricted internet access) and monitor the clients.

A password to enter the BOClean menu. (it should be optional)

Like to have CBOCLean update download and install new program version. That was the only thing I disliked about BOCLean, owner user since 2001.

This has been suggested already but I’ll put a vote in for the auto update to be able to use HTTP.

Thanks Loki

Hi Can we have a close button [X] at the top of the heading of the startup up scan screen. Even though after having unchecked the ‘Do not show startup scan screen’, the boclean startup scan screen still appeared unless I manually click the shut down boclean button at the menu and restart boclean again or Restart my pc in order by the uncheck option to take effect.


My wishlist for Comodo Boclean is:

  1. Termination protection. Every security product should have this.

  2. Heuristics. Relying on signatures is a losing battle as fast as malware variants are being created. Some sort of heuristic function to catch zero day threats would be nice.

That’s it. I like the product. I like it’s simplicity. I like that it doens’t take up a ton of resources. I like programs that are lean and mean. This program seems to be just that. I don’t need a fancy gui and tons of graphics. I actually prefer simplicity to complexity.

It’s a great program; I love it. Some sort of protection against Zero Day attacks would be great.