Comodo BOClean 4.25

Is this true?



HUH :o

Greetz, Red.

Yes, just updated, no problems.

Just remember to right click on the BOClean logo in the tray and shut it down.
Go to add/remove programs and uninstall.

Run the BOClean 4.25 executable download, connect to internet to get the latest update, reboot and it’s all done.


And don’t forget to change the version number in your sig (:NRD)

Greetz, Red.

Working well here and installs more correctly!

Cheers, :■■■■


Is this why some using 4.24 are getting expiration notices after updates? Surely the 4.24 version is gonna last longer or is this just a way to make us users look? :slight_smile:

Update: OK see the update notice now.

What is new?

Perhaps someone needs to add this:

BOClean Current Version is 4.25.001

BOClean 4.25 Critical Upgrade

A buffer overflow vulnerability has been discovered by our QA team in Comodo in ALL existing versions of BOClean which can possibly be exploited. Therefore we have brought out this version. Please upgrade your copies to this one if you have not already done so.

Thanks :wink:

Sounds good ;D


Can one perhaps provide a download link for version 4.25? Thanks.

It’s in the opening post! :wink:

It's in the opening post!

But the download link there says 4.24.

Got it! Thanks all. ;D


This is interesting. My computer was crashing and restarting at random yesterday until I switched off my BoClean (4.24). Maybe the buffer overrun problem was causing it? Anyways I’ll upgrade to 4.25 and thanks to the team at Comodo.

i agree with ragwing, “sounds good”… i am glad they explained the reason for the update… :slight_smile:

As a matter of interest, I only found out about the uograde when I read a thread in forum. Since Comodo have my email address which it requested of me a while ago, I wonder if Comodo plan to notify users who provided email addresses!

I have got it. Thank you. (V)

Upgraded three machines from 4.24 to 4.25. Shut down all active programs, including BOC. Then uninstalled. Rebooted. Installed new version. Rebooted.

One machine kept 4.24 executable, and startup entry, so there were two icons in systray. Had to manually remove executable, startup entry, and registry key (only one was 4.24-specific).

Not a problem, just reporting…