Comodo BOClean 4.25

It sure got my attention. It’s a strange way to announce an upgrade. I was all set to post a question here as to what was up with 4.24. LOL Well, i’m upgraded fine. ;D

~cat~ is a little bit behind ;D

covered in today's update for BOClean 4.22.

From here :

Greetz, Red.

Yeah, and I didn’t get such a notice. Saw the post in this thread without any official notice and promptly requested affirmation from Comodo. Shortly thereafter it was posted in the Announcements board. Odd (that I didn’t see the alert from updates).

Sure looks that way! ;D


On my gf’s PC there was a message today (!) that BOClean would expire tomorrow and at first I didn’t believe it. I headed to the download site and indeed there was 4.25. I wondered why that wasn’t shown earlier. Well all is fine now and updated.

Curiously my PC didn’t show that message. Perhaps it would have done so later but I updated immediately both PCs.

Thanks Kevin, 4.25 up and running without any problems. :slight_smile:

Found one strange little quirk though and I’m wondering if anyone else noticed it.

I have 3 machines whirring away here, one a bog standard setup test machine, everything in C: drive, the other 2 partitioned with programs in a separate partition to the system. After uninstalling BC 4.24 on each machine I checked it’s program folder, the standard C:\Program Files\Comodo was clean, however when I checked the other 2 boxes with the program files in their own partitions I found the BOCore.exe file still there. No probs just deleted it after a reboot, and then installed 4.25 all ok.
If I hadn’t of checked the folders first and just gone ahead and installed would this have caused a problem, and as I asked at the beginning of this post has anyone else noticed this.
If people with programs on separate partitions didn’t check the install folder but just went ahead and installed 4.25 without any problems then my question of installing over the old BOCore.exe has been answered.

Instalation of 4.25 went fine exept for the very first question it asked.

It was a (Is A true or is B true) question in the message with a (Yes/No) choice of button.
Of course A exclude B being true and vice versa.
Quite a bit mind puzzling if you actually take the time to read what is written.

Apart from this english strangeness however, everything is fine !
Next time at least provide a mapping “Yes For A, No for B”

Hi, I just noticed the new version (4.25) isn’t digitally signed yet and that the download pages
for boclean don’t have the authentic and secure sign. Is this ok?

and yeah I noticed the weird installation question also hehehe…


I think Zeno and Epimenides would appreciate it (:KWL)

Version 4.25 is digitaly signed by VeriSign, but you are right about the download page, lol :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Hmm, it’s not an encrypted page, and won’t change to one either; odd. I also notice that is accessed for scripts to run the “authentic & secure” logo. Strange it’s not showing…


yup the installer and the file bocdrive.sys were signed but the other components were not signed unlike 4.24…anyways it is a very critical update so it must be really hot off the oven hehehe

cheers… (CLY)

It’s a cut and paste from the update notice I get from a service that was set up for the original customers that up until today were running 4.22. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol :slight_smile:

I was just teasing you Mr. R.

Greetz, Mr. E.

Thank you Kevin. :slight_smile:

The new 4.25 version seems to have fixed the ‘Your Firewall may be down’ pop-up box when you don’t connect to the internet within it’s ‘look for updates’ time.