Comodo blocks task manager and other sys32 files


Why does my Comodo block some apps like Task Manager?

Sometimes, even the “Windows Operating System” shows up, saying it got blocked?

I don’t get any popup or anything, they just popup as “blocked”, but my task manager seem to run fine.

Dude, I had the same problem that appears to you when I was testing BETA 3.
Then I uninstalled the trial version and installed the old one.
My problem was resolved and these blocks no longer appeared, I can’t tell you if this is happening in the CIS 2025 version.
We’ll have to wait for an explanation from someone who might know about this issue.

Hi Yonexdd,

Thank you for reporting.
Could you please check with the latest CIS version ?
Kindly let us know your feedback.


The topic has already been discussed a few times and this is the correct action.

This is not a task manager lock, only CIS protects its own processes from access.

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What others have said, protecting it’s own files and not actually blocking Task manager from running, just blocking task manager from accessing the Comodo files.

Almost all security programs protect themselves from being disabled or tampered with by other applications. The same is even the case with Microsoft Defender’s Tamper Protection.

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