Comodo BackUp 3 whishlist

More robust copying to network shares, with automatic retry and resume on network failure. Perhaps with configurable number and delay. It can be a complete PITA to have to start over a full backup if the connection is ever lost. If the connection is a bit unreliable, like wireless can often be, it can make backing up over network a practical impossibility.
As resuming may not be possible if backing up to a single archive, I propose also an option to archive files separately.

I second a rescue disk. The current PE Framework is definitely not the standard for this type of software. It need to be completely redone. My other wish/complaint is that the UI is very unorganized and can be made much simpler, while still having the power it offers. Unfortunately I have uninstalled this as there are other solutions that provide this user-friendliness.

It would be nice if CB would have the ability to back up with ftps protokol not only ftp.


i would like to use ssl on my ftp server but if i want to use CBU then i can use ssl