Comodo BackUp 3 whishlist

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I am testing this as a replacement for Cobian Backup and it seems to do the trick. However, there is little difference between the features I use in Cobian and those that I need in Comodo except for block-level incremental backup. Though that is a very usable feature, I am looking for a one click solution for email backup to also seal the deal. The Mail Backup feature is available, but not for Outlook 2010 [yet?].

Any idea when Outlook 2010 will be compatible? I assume the hold-up is that Outlook 2010 has a different default location as before. If that is the case, perhaps a file search could be incorporated to help users find their Outlook .pst and/or .NK2 files.



In 3.1 version.


include root path name when using ZIP format on backup (“Files and Directories” option)… :-TU

on this moment, backup work like this sample:
When to select folders “C:\Test1” and “C:\Test2” (not full "C:")
the ZIP file don’t save the root (“Test1” and “Test2”), but files and sub-folders only… :frowning:

I fail to see how this guide is useful, it explains on how to create a PE disk but no mention of how to incorperate CB into it. It merely states the below code, which explains how to navigate with command shell to the location of Comdo that is installed on your drive already… what happens when the disk fails all together and you have a blank disc… am I wrong or is this pretty pointless for a complete restore scenario. How hard is it to get a working product within the PE rather than accessing program files from an existing OS disk?

Launching Comodo BackUP using Windows PE

Note: In order to launch Comodo BackUp using Vista, you must copy C:\Windows\System32\oledlg.dll to your Comodo BackUp installation directory (default = C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Backup\ )


      Boot your system using the Windows PE CD/DVD or USB that you have created. Open the command prompt and switch to the drive upon which you have installed. (for example,

      X:\windows\system32> D:

      where 'x' is the boot drive and 'D: is the installation drive.

      Use the CD command to point to the Comodo BackUp installation directory. For example,

      D:\CD Program Files\COMODO\Comodo Backup\

      Open cbu.exe. For example,

      D:Program Files\Comodo\Comodo Backup\cbu.exe.

It would be really helpful if the “Sync” profile had the added ability to sync in real time, similar to the same way that Windows XP/Windows 7 has the folder redirector/offline files. In my experience files are almost instantly copied to the destination location. By using this method the end user doesn’t have to think about if a schedule has been executed or not. This will create a seamless user experience.

Also adding the ability to sync or backup (depending on your profile) at log on or log off would be value add to the functionality of the application. This is also a feature of Windows offline files (sync).

automatic deletion of old backups according to a scheme:

  • GFS (Grand Father Son)
  • TOH (Tower Of Hanoi)

one of these 2 would be nice.
this saves space on the older backups because i don’t need older backups at such a high interval as the recent ones.

this is pretty much the only thing stopping me from using Comodo Backup

Doesn’t the “Rev No Max” macro do this?

No. “Rev no Max” limits the no of files created by CB.
While these backup schemes have some different properties. For more details see this:
Backup rotation scheme - Wikipedia.


Oh… :-[

I wish live-cd bootable rescue disc. That would be a killer feature.

I would like to see the ability to backup to a mapped network drive as well as restore from a mapped network drive.

  1. One Schedule interface for all Backups
  2. Faster UI
  3. Rescue Disk

I would like to be able to select files for backup from a network file system (as oposed to write the backup results to a network location). I could not see a way to do this currently in Ver. 3.0.171317.130. My present solution is to map the network location to yet another drive letter (that every user then gets), when really I would like to specify “\server\share\dir”.

Happy to be told I missed something.


Wishlist / Suggestions

  1. ask “Confirm?” before cancel scheduled backup
  2. add existing custom profile to scheduled backup list
  • a Comodo Startup Recovery Manager accessible by striking a key between bios and windows loading.
    This facility should have the same GUI and functions as under windows
  • a Comodo Startup Recovery Manager on a bootable CD
  • a linux bootable rescue media

Since I translate CB in swedish I wil like to be able to change the language from english to swedish and the other way around.

Valentin N

  1. Possibility to choose drive letter for mounted cbu files (window with question during mount action). Actually I have network disc Z and my Windows crashes if I don’t unmap it before cbu mount.

  2. Support samba shares with authentication level = share. Actually I have NSA that forces that mode. It means that user must give password to network location when the share is chosen from device share list. Comodo supports only authentication level = user which means that passoword must be given after chosing device from network locations.

  3. Possibility to backup on network drives, actually only persistent HDD are supported. I know that Comodo works as windows service and you can’t list network drives but this should be great functionality (maybe another destination like network drives and program function that list it when destination type option is chosen).

For now that’s all:)



It would be nice if CB would have the ability to back up snapshots from CTM. CTM give the user the possibility to mount the wanted snapshots and from there CB could try to back those files up.

Valentin N

I wish the incremental back up worked as quickley as it did in verson :slight_smile: