Comodo BackUp 3 whishlist

Please post your wishes and suggestion for Comodo Backup 3.x here.

I currently have COMODO BackUp 2.2.127000.12, and Verizon requres a change to my ‘outbound’ SMTP port to connect to (their anti-spam/anti-hijacking efforts), so I can’t use port 25 but must change to something else. (If you use port 25, you get success returned, but Verizon merely keeps this on file in case a ton of emails come in from one address – then addressing them as spammers.)

Probably being able to specify the outbound port would be sufficient for me. Until then, I can’t send myself emails.

B. T. Harvey
Leonardtown, MD USA

I wish it works in my computer :cry:
Only the old version 1 is allowed to run. I can’t migrate my account and no solution from Comodo to that.

a rescue disk is a must


Do you have a limited account?
Or what do you mean by “I wish it works in my computer” ?

And other threads that I explain that I’m not allowed to use Comodo Online Backup 3…

I see…
You will have to wait then for GA release.
The problem will be fixed then.


Yeah… Seems that I need to wait…

2 Whishes:

  1. A macro with date format “__YYYY_MM_DD” so that files can be sorted chronologically in Windows Explorer.

  2. Incremental backup

i hope can have the Synchronize function will easy too synchronize backup on multiple extenal hard drive

When setting the macro “Revision number max” can the number shown increase after each backup.

ie: If set at 3, currently we have backup 1, backup 2 , backup 3. and when the forth backup is run we have backup 2, backup 3 , backup 1.

Could we not have backup 1, backup 2 , backup 3 and on the fourth backup the number increases backup 2, backup 3 , backup 4, and on the fifth backup 3, backup 4 , backup 5 and so on, thus keeping only the three the macro is set at.


I wish it can backup chinese character files/folders & open file. Thanks a lot

  • Rescue Disk

Incremental backups are already available in CB 3.0 which is now in BETA stage.


thanks that are great news, but i forget → VSS must @ my Wishlist ;D

VSS support is also available in the new BETA version.


nice!!! :slight_smile:

not so important but interested → Windows 7 Integration (mean Jumplist and Superbar).


In the synchronisation mode, sometimes I’d like to see the files or the folders what will be synchronized then I can choose the elements to sync :-\

So it is very helpful if you can add :

* Summary List with check boxes so I can choose elements to synchronize
* ability to see differences between files (you can use other soft like WinMerge) , this feature in very useful for web appz developers when they upload their work to server

Thank you

Decision critical feature(request) is for me:

Sycnronised file/folder backup to an encrypted and compressed repository.

The desired result is: 1-click and the selected folder structure is scanned. Any new files are copied (and encrypted/compressed) to the backup location. Changed files replace backup copies. Removed files are also removed from the (encrypted) backup. Mostly like a typical sync, only to an encrypted and compressed repository (for ex.: folder with splitted backup file)

Some tools that ship along with external hdd’s do that very successfully.

And available yesterday. :frowning:

It would be lovely to be able to restore to a new, replacement hard disk. I’m on a portable, posted overseas, hard disk starting to emit whimpering sounds (homesick?), and I’ve bought a replacement hard disk only to find that being handy with a screwdriver isn’t the only thing needed…

No install disks came with this puppy - a stock, big box portable. So without a startup disk, like BartPE or WinPE, my only apparent alternative is to buy a new portable (with a different keyboard layout!) and install Comodo Backup and then retrieve my files.

At least I’m in a country that recycles old computers… But I’d rather a software alternative from Comodo to install a new hard disk using my old OS, installed programs, and data files.


*PS: page 178 of the CB v3 manual is missing. It’s there I first looked for BartPE / WinPE instructions.