Comodo Backup 2 Wishlist (Rev. 1)

Please post your wishes and suggestion for Comodo Backup 2 here.

Email notifications, as per version 1, should be included.

Bootable media to do offline restores??

After a scheduled backup is run, the GUI is left open. Should this be automatically closed after the scheduled task has completed, and only left open if there were errors?

Where has the option to do a synchronise backup gone?? :frowning:

I’d like to see, during installation, a check done to see if the scheduler service is running and, if not, advise users that they will not be able to schedule backups.

Possibly offer them the option to have the service enabled during installation?

I’d like to see the ability to define a backup job and save it, so it can be easily run at a later date (asit was in version 1.X), rather than having to select the objects to be backed up each time you want to back them up.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I’d like to see the re-introduction of versioning, as in version 1.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Maybe put the help, minimize and close buttons on a semi-transparent grey panel (like the backup and restore ones), rather than have them free floating.

Ewen :slight_smile:

+1, and if it’s not too much trouble, put an option in the settings where the user can adjust the level of transparency him/herself.

In all other aspects I think the GUI is beautiful, well done guys!


I’d really like to see another “Network Option”. Like “Network” (Mapped Drives Only). When I tried to do a “Network” backup it listed thousands of dives :o. If it could only see the drives I have mapped that would be great.

Also unless I’m missing something I would like to be able to save my “Backup Jobs” even if they are not on a schedule. They could still be listed in the “scheduled” area but the option would be something like “Manual”. Then be able to right click and run when I chose to. The reason behind this is I never leave my external drive plugged into the wall or pc. I plug it in and hook it up when I want to run a backup.

And mentioned before a “Synchronize” function. I backup some files to my jump drive so I can take them with me and access the files elsewhere. But with them being in a single .cbu file I can’t do that :(.

Keep up the good work guys!

Here is my wishlist.

  1. I would like the registry backup to have the .reg extention.
  2. I would like to be able to browse the backups if they are not compressed.
  3. I would like a copy/move with or without deleting source.
  4. I would like a synchronization mode.
  5. I think source/destination is easier to understand for a novice than backup selection/backup path.
  6. I would like an option to add macros (date-time).
  7. I would like BU to be able to do an external task before or after B/U.
  8. I think Email notify would be a good feature to include.
  9. “Compression level” would be a more understandable term than “archive type” level.
  10. I would also like BU to be able to save a backup job.


will like to have an option to image and restore MBR with first HD track and raw imaging( to actually make it possible to image and restore all Eaz-Fix snapshots, just like options in paragon and acronis).


And to make backup with boot media.

Automatic shutdown feature - I often run my backups at night while I’m in bed. :-TU

GUI looks great! :-TU

Agree that GUI is nice but mainly the color scheme, other graphics still need to be more polished.

Hello Guys,

I was the last one who posted last in the Comodo Backup Wishlist rev 2 topic not so long ago, so let me repeat myself. :smiley:

I think that it is really essential and necessary to have the possibility to manage/deal with the missed backups. So, if a backup is missed, inform the user about it and optionally anoy him to approve the backup to be run at that moment… :slight_smile:

Of course, the idea is to have backups done even if they are missed.

Thank you for taking this into consideration.

Best regards,

Dejan Milojevic

Very good idea.

I think the main screen of the app should clearly show

1] Last successful backup
2] Any missed backups since last successful
3] Next scheduled backup

and make the user acknowledge the missed backup, even if it doesn;t forcethem to complete the missed job immediately.

Alternatively and email notification if a scheduled job is missed. Actually any email notifications would be handy. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

When comparing the file backup (not the partition backup) speeds of the old backup program and this new one, the older was way faster.