COMODO Antivirus for Linux 1.0.220659.32 BETA Released!

Hi Comodo Team,

Did some more beta testing by scanning another drive hooked up through an external USB device. The scan found 15 infections but it failed to quarantine all of them. I have gone through the “View Antivirus Events” but there doesn’t appear to be any details as to why those 15 infections were not removed from the drive. This is not good. If an infection can not be removed, it would be nice to know why so the end user can figure out another way of removing them.

Another suggestion would be adding an option for scanning with Comodo when right clicking on a drive, folder or file.

Superb, Thanks Comodo team thanks melih :))))))

After updating the Linux-kernel from 3.2.0 to 3.2.1, I had to go through this (attached) again. :frowning:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Jowa i also got that error, what is solution for it :))))

sudo /opt/COMODO/
sudo /etc/init.d/cmdavd restart

Annoying to have to accept the license every time. :-\

thats sad Jowa but thanks u posted this command :slight_smile: that helped alot.
Please fix this comodo, it should work without all this accepting agreement etc.
But i love the GUI, Smart scan also completed pretty fast.
Beatiful beginning :slight_smile:

Installing it now, though this may take a while.

Especially because it’s not very easy to scroll through in the terminal.

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with QT interface! :-TU

That’s got to get annoying, especially considering how often the linux kernel updates.

You will probably have to add the notification area gnome applet to the interface.
Unity’s isn’t very full featured.

I did not had to accept user’s licencse everytime, it done only 1 time at my end i m using pinguyos 11.04 64bit edition

Comodo Linux antivirus already caught probable malware namely FacebookVideoCallSetup_v1.2.203.0.exe which is not yet recognised by other antivirus softwares yet.
Well done comodo it even detects windows malwares :slight_smile: hats off
But on virustotal comodo antivirus not detecting it?

Next time you run the (e.g. after updating the Linux-kernel), you will see it again. :wink:

Skype uses “Indicator support for Qt (sni-qt)”. That works, but is buggy on my system (it disappears at least once a day).
Don’t know what Dropbox uses, but it works (white icon). :wink:

Actually I would prefer that it did not place a shortcut anywhere. No other software I have installed on Linux has done that, and in Ubuntu, the “launcher” is the place for “shortcuts”.
As it now is, I had to use sudo rm -r ~/Desktop to get rid of the folder and its content. :-\

It looks a bit out of place in KDE.

Sometimes, the interface goes transparent in Oxygen Transparent because the interface is based on Qt, but not always and never on the alert.
Can this be changed? Like with a more KDE native alternative theme that can work with Oxygen Transparent in both the alert and the interface?
Otherwise, it’s excellent. Unlike the ancient Dazuko, it actually works on my system without any issues. :-TU

I installed the antivirus on Fedora 16 xfce. It keeps telling that the file system driver is nor loaded. As asked after running the diagnostic tool, I ran in root


. Then I received the message “The kernel module ‘redirfs.ko’ appropriate for your current kernel version does not exist, please run /opt/COMODO/ to install it. Then run /etc/init.d/cmdavd restart command to restart your cmdavd”

I ran the first command, agreed with the licence, run the 2d command, checked in services that cmdavd is running, but the problem of the file system driver not loaded persists.

To be noted, I updated the database (was told already up to date) and ran a scan without problem. So it seems the problem must be with the real time scanner.

Probably the problem arise because it is Fedora 16 and in the announcement of the antivirus beta version herbzhang mentioned Fedora 15 in the supported operating systems?

What kernel version do you have?
The file system driver is used to control real time scanning, so on demand scanning and updating wouldn’t be affected anyway.

Fedora 16 has Kernel 3.1.0

Do not worry, it is not an errot. This is because it is a VM, and installation could not get the hard disk ID.

Best Regards.

Please install kernel headers package first, and then run ‘/opt/COMODO/’ again.

Best Regards.