Comodo Anti Virus (CAV) now catches Spyware :-)

CAV has already started detecting spyware! (and this is without you having to run two different programs, taking up valuable resources!)



When will the full Spyware engine be added?

Its in already :slight_smile:

We are now working on extending our spyware signature base :slight_smile:


oh , that’s gr8 news , it’s gr8 to have one suite for protection from all kind of malware for free (S)

but i’ve a question :

The antispyware means the ability to detect and remove spyware , or u mean the set of antispyware protection like protection from browser hijack and realtime protection from spyware ? :-\

its to detect and remove…
the realtime protection is coming with Behaviour blocker very soon :slight_smile:


gr8 news Melih , and congratulation for having the only free antivirus in detecting spyware and for free , thank u guys (R)

Cav Beta 1.1? or the upcoming CAV Beta 2.0?

the current CAV Beta 1.1… :slight_smile:


doh… i wasn’t planning on uninstalling avast until CAV 2.0 was out… now I’m torn ::slight_smile: (J)

lol the only use I only will use avast! for linux now (if I can figure out how to install programs). Everything else involving protection is Comodo.

Ok, how badly will BitDefender 8 (Free), on a twilight scheduled unattended execution, conflict with the CAV real-time protection?

Well you can use any antivirus that doesn’t have Real Time protection without conflicts :wink:

right, but won’t the end result be Comodo scanning the I/O of BitDefenders scan? No issue/conflict here?

There shouldn’t be, because wouldn’t you get the same effect from Comodo as scanning with your antispyware program? No conflicts there, although I do recommend you turn the realtime protection off in Comodo because it can slow down the scanning a lot when your scanning your system with another program.

Right. But as I schedule BitDefender to run unattanded while I am sleeping, I wouldn’t really want to have CAV real-time disabled all night long…

Give me an idea of how you thing CAV realtime would slow the scan down by. For comparison, aVast realtime is on when BitDefender runs currently, and BitDefender reports a speed of about 85 files/second (total execution time of 4 hours).


It may not slow down too much but it will indeed slow it down, it will be like 2 scanners scanning the same files so it will slow your scan down but by how much depends on your system.

I’ll assume the slowdown would be comparable to how much aVast would be slowing it down currently.

There is only one way to know for sure… I’ll have to unistall aVast and load CAV before the schedule starts.

Final last minute jitters question(s)… In your opinion, will the nightly BitDefender scans and CAV real-time displace aVast quite easily security-wise? Should I be dumping the Windows Defender beta with this news that CAV now includes spyware checking? Or should i keep it around for the registry file change alerts? How about SpywareGuard?

That’s not strictly true. Avast! does too. I was impressed yesterday when I installed Windows Password Cracker on my home laptop running Avast! Free and it detected it as a password dumping trojan. Actually it is NOT a trojan, it’s a tool for finding forgotten passwords, but I was impressed that Avast! detected software with password dumping capability.

I tried the same test this morning on this computer with CAV and the Windows Password Cracker froze, as did the Comodo LauchPad and CAV. Eventually I terminated the password cracker using the Windows Task Manager and everything came back to life. Only then did a Comodo On Access warning appear to say that not-a-virus:pswtool.win32.pwdump.2 was detected, and had been quarantined. It’s good that it was detected, but not good that it froze the computer.

I think these reports of CAV causing freeze-ups shows that there is an issue with the way it blocks access to the file it is checking, that also appears to cause other Windows messages, including its own warning alerts, to get blocked.,937.0.html

you see, i told you so :slight_smile:


Hi all,
I use Comodo Antivirus and Firewall and i love them both. Knowing now that CAV is also a Anti-Spyware what is the point of continuing to use Windows Defender, should i drop it or continue using it ? I didn’t knew that CAV was Anti Spyware also.