Comodo Anti Virus (CAV) now catches Spyware :-)

The antispyware is new. It will take us some time to populate it with all the malware signatures. give us couple of months to do that pls :wink:


Hi Just wanted to say thanks for awsome software pretty kickass that you get Spyware scanning included in your AntiVirus :smiley:

Also using the Firewall it rocks too.

Couples of Questions…

When reinstalling windows or reinstalling the firewall can you backup or save your Network Monitor Settings ?

Also I share a LAN with my dad… I can connect to his computer okay but he cannot connect to mine… what do I need to open in the firewall…? (sorry for the thread hijacking btw)

Many Thanks


Hey Johnny,

Welcome to the forums.

Have you defined a zone for your LAN and set it up as a trusted zone? If not, this could be why you can see your Dad but he can’t see you.

There’s a flash tutorial on basic rules, including LAN access, at

Apparently, Firefox and Opera don’t like this flavour of flash (it was generated using wink!), but it displays fine in IE.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: