Comodo acquires BOClean! [Closed]

That is some cool news. I also have only heard good things about the product.

Heh, heh… no wonder you kept asking, “So do you want a stand-alone antispyware product?” Melih. Very sneaky… (:KWL)


Great news :BNC.

Melih when will Comodo begin to offer BoClean? And what about the other products on that website, did Comodo buy those too?

Well, we will continue with the whole product range. We will make available sizeable amount of resources to Kevin so that he can take all these products to next level. Kevin will be responsible (as he was) for taking these products to next level and we as Comodo will support him fully by enabling much more resources for him.

All we want to do is to continue the great tradition that Kevin & Nancy has successfully carried out and enable Kevin to make his products even better. He just has more resources to achieve it now.


we are hoping for sometime next week.


he he :slight_smile:

the bread crumbs were there :wink: you just had to follow them :slight_smile:


Fantastic news Melih. :BNC

I’m really looking forward to see what the future offers now.


Indeed, we are so very happy to have Kevin on our side. He now has a huge reosource pool he can tap into to make all his products better. We are simply enabling him to do more and faster :slight_smile:


KICK ■■■■ this RULES!!! :BNC

Great news!!! :BNC
Keep up the good work!

So can this replace Avast Home???

Good news, Melih! :slight_smile:

Keep the very good work… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks VaMPiRiC_CRoW

Now we expand our team and add very highly skilled people like Kevin to our team. Kevin now has sizeable amount of resources to turn BOClean into even better product and allow millions to enjoy this quality product for free!

Step by step… we will protect our users from malware/virus/trojans/rootkits/… we are here to protect them!


I don’t speak for Kevin but I believe this is a great move and will benefit us all.
Comodo should be congratulated on both their acquisition of the program and the programmer.
The company, products and customers will certainly benefit from this coup as will the former BOClean customers.
Well done Melih!
/Full disclosure- Former BOClean affiliate

Your AVS are getting better step by step, so maybe in 1 or 2 years you will be on top… :slight_smile:

Good news indeed. I hope you all get along great, and work together to deliver the best possible program for all.
Good job Melih

Thanks :slight_smile:
lets see if we can improve on that 1 - 2 year timescale :slight_smile:


Thank you ~cat~.


Thanks Someone :slight_smile:


Very interesting news. Will the name change to ComodoClean? Maybe it should since BOClean doesn’t really accurately describe the software.

at the moment we will keep it as Comodo BOClean. We have a sizeable team available to Kevin now. Once he is upto speed with the team, then Kevin will be able to start having fun and build some nifty capabilities to his baby BOClean. But yes, at some stage, I do expect a different name, but not anytime soon. Today the focus is “Kevin Enablement” so that we can deliver even a better product.