Comodo acquires BOClean! [Closed]

Today Comodo Acquired BOClean ( . One of the oldest and most respected Anti Trojan companies around.

BOClean has a very effective engine and more importantly top notch expertise and people in the field. We are happy to announce that Kevin will be joining forces with Comodo and work with us to create world’s best Anti malware/virus/trojan/spyware/rootkit product around for FREE!

Comodo is totally committed to create a world leading Anti-Malware product for FREE! We have now assembled a world class team of people who will take us to next level. So expect some good stuff from us.


PS: We will now make BOClean a free product and continue to deliver top notch support.

Congrats :slight_smile:

BOClean is a great product. The future Comodo AS/AV/Anti-… should be very interesting :■■■■

Ah ha! This explains all your coy answers recently about anti-spyware products. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

This will be free?? WOW

I didn’t see that coming.


Great Work guys!

And good pace as well :BNC

keep it up!!!

Should make a good ComBO ??!! (:CLP)

Very good news. No mention of it on the BOClean site though.


Looks like Melih was interested since Oct’ 06 :):,3176.msg23719.html#msg23719

Will BOClean be a separate Comodo product or somehow integrated with CAVS since they are related?

You know what Soya,

We should remove all your titles and name you “the one and only Search Guru” (:TNG)


I started out this guru business with google 8)

Am a user of BOClean.
Will it be added to the Firewall as a plugin? Will the icon change? Will the name change too?

As a BOClean user, how good was it? I’ve got to admit I haven’t seriously looked at the product for a couple of years.

EWen :slight_smile:

You know I love comodo, but I LOVE boclean. All I ask is you guys dont pull a symantec :-X :wink: and completely dump boclean software. If you integrate it thats great but please also continue to offer/dev standalone. Well I am happy its free. Its going on a lot of family members computers who didnt want to purchase a license, however you cant blame me for being fearful.

If you dont know what boclean is/was, it offered a resident malware scanner that picked up variants antivirus software would miss. The key thing about boclean however was not only detection, but LIGHTWEIGHT and even invisible to the users. You could configure it to not even show a tray icon, the only time you knew it was there was when it detected and removed malware. What was also amazing about boclean was it was mom and pop software. Kevin and Nancy supported and developed this product with probably some of the best customer service/ support I have seen in software (tied with comodo :wink: )

Yeah please don’t pull a symantec or microsoft(RAV). :frowning:

I’ve read only positive opinions of it at Wilders forum and that it doesn’t remove the malware, only great at detection and prevention.

It would remove it malware, but not like a scan. It picks up the infected file(s) and kills it before they can do harm.

So Melih, How much did it cost ya guys? (:TNG) He He Just Kidding :wink:

I’ve been a BoClean user for a while now; Kevin and Nancy McAleavey deserved a nice price for their product :wink: I’m glad Kevin is joining Comodo after the sale.

So when can I download Comodo BoClean?

Me! Me! Me! Me first!

A little patience won’t hurt. I’m sure most of us has it for CFP v3 ;D