CMS v2.4 - Beta with Cloud Scan has released!!!

Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce that we have a beta version of Comodo Mobile Security (CMS) V2.4!

With your support and feedback we had great progress and add new features.

What’s new in CMS 2.4?

Cloud Scanning! CMS now protects you better than ever by scanning for malware using both local and cloud-based detection engines.

Localization – added more languages and implemented several text improvements. Thank you for your help on translations!
Design - CMS has new icons and a new background. We hope you like the new look!

Antivirus: Confirmation pop-up now always shown when a scan is cancelled.
Antivirus: Fixed rare bug whereby CMS would fail to detect malware.
Scheduled Tasks: Fixed bug whereby an anti-virus scan would fail on a scheduled task.
Health check: Fixed bug that meant Ad apps would not be detected during a health check.
Antivirus: Fixed bug whereby the quantity of malware listed as present was not updated after the malware had been uninstalled.
Health Check: Fixed bug that caused the “Dangerous Items” warning to be displayed even after an app had been added to the trusted list.
Antivirus: Fixed bug that caused dates in the log to be displayed incorrectly.
Health Check: Fixed bug that meant the notification “Push advertising Not Found” was not displayed in security items after a health check.
Antivirus: Fixed bug that caused CMS to crash on Samsung S4 devices when the user attempted to swipe to the device screen from the results page.
Call/SMS Blocking: Fixed bug that caused the “More” list to be truncated on the “Blocked Calls”

Various other minor functionality and design fixes.

Product/download link:

Size: 8.311 KB (8,510,267 bytes)
MD5: 96D3181EAB7C7988644D4F38E6671DD4
SHA1: 1050B93AF7D85561E103084F1009EDABB206AFED

Known Bugs:
• Potential crash on scheduled Flight mode tasks in “Scheduled tasks” – Going to be fixed on Google Play version
• Can’t block SMS from blacklist on Android 4.4 – In research (there is a change in SMS handler on Android 4.4)
• Crash on EULA screen for local languages – Going to be fixed on Google Play version

We would appreciate if you can take your time to give us the feedbacks or report us the bugs you identify on CMS. We believe that with your concerns and under our continuous efforts, CMS would gets better and better.

If you find bugs please send us with below information.

  1. What is your device brand name and model name?
  2. What is your device Android version and current language preference?
  3. Please provide more detail about when and how you got that error? Does it have a pattern?
  4. It would be great if you can capture screen shots regarding the error.

Thanks in advance!

Plzz attach few screenshots like you always attached with any new versions here.

Downloaded and installed. Will test it out.
Thank you, Ilkers.

At a first look, I AM LOVING THE NEW DESIGN (specially the ICONS)! :-TU

How do I turn on this feature?

Can anyone attach few screenshots here?

Hello Naren,

I will attach screen shots tomorrow, but also you should try it yourself :slight_smile:


It is enabled by default.


I dont have an extra phone to try beta.

How does it work? I have a malicious .apk not detected by CMS, but detected by Comodo Antivirus. I thought it will be scanned in the cloud (with Comodo AV) and I’ll get an alert. I was wrong. APK was not detected after installation.

Still not compatible with android 4.3. They are with version 4.4 …thanks

Hey guys,

Sorry, I learned that I was wrong about default settings for Cloud scan. You need to have active Wi-fi connection and “Enable cloud scan for APK only” should be enabled under settings to use Cloud scan. Then the process is as below.

-First a local scan is performed
-Then the file hash values are sent to File Lookup Service (FLS) and the result is fetched.
-If file defined as non-virus by both local base scan and cloud scan, CMS will consider the file as non-virus, in all other cases CMS will consider the file as virus


what is the problem you see on 4.3? I am using S4 with Android 4.3 and it works fine.


only the APK files will be sent to cloud for data and performance constraints. Is your malicious file an APK?

Best regards,

Here is the screen shots for main menus.

[attachment deleted by admin]

As impossible version 2.3 to enable the manager, despite the confirmation of “super-user” and reboot. Tkanks

@ilkers yes, of course. I repeated this test and it failed again.

Wish I had an Android so I could test it.


Please send me the APK file over message or mail, so that we can test it.


You are missing all fun :slight_smile:


Couple of bugs still present in 2.4 beta.

Cache Cleaner Bug

Privacy Advisor (protection on/off) Bug;msg714190#msg714190



Ability to access private sms’s directly from the status bar (via password) rather than having to select “Tools” tab, Private Space, , Private Communication.


After installing the update, the firewall stopped working.
The solution, if anyone else has this issue, is (from Application Control) to clear Data, restart CMS. Redo your settings. Everything should be fine now. :slight_smile:

Hi all,

İlker mentioned it but let me remind that the cloud scanning is working only when the device has WiFi connection. Since it is a new feature, we are cautious about side effects.

And I have to correct a misunderstanding: the .apk file is not sent to cloud (there are legal restrictions on that). Instead, only the hash value along with other descriptive information is sent.