CMF vs Comodo safe search toolbar

Since I have C.M.F is there any reason why I should have the safe search toolbar or comodo’s own toolbar for that matter? B.T.W for some reason the safe search toolbar has a error everytime I try to update it.

You don’t need to run both CMF and the Safe Surf toolbar at the same time, because they perform the same function. The only difference is that the toolbar only protects your browser, while CMF protects your whole computer. Some people were having problems with CMF, but since the toolbar has a more limited scope, it’s more stable/doesn’t have the same problems. If CMF is stable for you, I would opt for using that instead of the toolbar. That’s what I do.

Actually the toolbar covers everything the memory firewall does. Not sure why they choose to implement the toolbar and not the full memory firewall…

Because the code of CMF is extremely sophisticated. It will be integrated into CIS later.


They did a toolbar, so that CMF tech can be inside the browser to protect you better from “drive by” websites. It does protect your whole system like CMF, but from what I understand, it doesn’t have 100% of the CMF functionality yet. Like Josh said, it will in the future. :slight_smile: It’s very complicated technology and they needed to be inside the browser space to protect better, so they made the toolbar and while they were at it, they made the toolbar from so they can get some revenue from it. :slight_smile: Installing and using it is the best way to support Comodo and their efforts for providing free software. They made the toolbar as un-obtrusive as possible and once you install it, you can even uninstall it, so it’s an anti-toolbar since you can’t think of it in the traditional evil forced upon you secretly installed toolbar. :stuck_out_tongue:


the safesurf BO checks for BO within the browser (a good chunk of the attacks). CMF on the hand however checks “any” BO on the computer. For example, there could be some other app like an IM client etc which has a BO vulnerability that could be exploited. Because CMF is system wide it will catch any. Safesurf is limited to the browser based ones.

reason why we did that is because cmf code is quite complicated. As you might be aware, we dont put products into general release until we are happy with them. I think CMF will be a full product very soon though…


Thanks for this :-TU This is what i was looking for… i. e. definite answer if one (CMF) can replace the other (safesurf).