Development Activities for CIS. [CLOSED]

I hopes it gets released tomorrow…

JUMPING UP AND DOWN… (in frustration)

This is to me bigger news than windows 7, that will be open beta this friday.

Anyway, thanks comodo for such a great product. :BNC :BNC

Safe Surf only protects your browser from BO attacks where as MF protects your whole pc.

I think they both protect all of the PC, just SafeSurf is newer, installs with CIS, and has an unnecessary browser toolbar.

Safesurf only protects ur pc when your internet browser is open, cmf protects you all the time!

Looking forward to this release, ive missed threatcast quite a lot since the .327 beta last year!

I guess it depends:;msg184868#msg184868

Check this out:

Indeed this is the correct answer…


When the new CIS is out of beta and pushed out automatically, I guess you’ll have to uninstall Memory Firewall in case you have it parallel with today’s CIS?

I’m very excited to see how you put all this new stuff in CIS. Will there still be just cmdagent.exe and cfp.exe? (:AGL)

I guess the new signature format will help. :wink:

What is the engineer behind the new signature format? Will it reduce entries to the database? How will it make the scanning faster and more efficient??

Iam shocked, Lucky me that has been using CMF.
Anyway, this whole protection will come as an automatic update I guess?

I assume they will come out as BETA’s first… So you will have to uninstall\install manually. Or wait for an official release…

Melih, are Comodo servers prepared for us, forum users, downloading the beta? (:LGH) hehe

Yes… our lead sys admin has been buying lots of new toys :slight_smile:


Is there an email sign up that will inform us when the beta will be ready for testing and download?

I don’t think Comodo currently has a newsletter or product notice…when you sign up for emails from Comodo when you are installing, you just get ads.

I’ve seen a semi-newsletter from comod to my account before listing their top 5 reasons for online security and such. I would love to be on a mailing list where my phone will go beep beep beep, you have one new message; Comodo CIS beta is ready for your sexy dance testing party.

I was led to believe this also :(. If I had known, I wouldn’t have installed SafeSurf along with CIS and used CMF instead. Oh well, at least the new version (be it beta) is around the corner ;D.


I can’t believe I was misled this whole time… :cry: