CMF Is The Best

All I wanted to say is CMF is the best w/ CFP 3 and Avast,

Thanks comodo

Can’t wait til CAVS 3 :THNK


Yep, I’ll agree with that comment (minus Avast) :). Using CAVS 2 here so can’t wait for CAVS 3 (any news Melih?).


we will make a small release soon, of CFP v3, where there will be an on demand scanner capability built in (just a small little scanner :slight_smile: with limited functionality). This is the engine of CAV v3 and our new Architecture where everything can work together nicely. we will see how the new engine goes… then followed by a launch.


Will this scanner have option “disable permanently” similar to one which Defense+ has?

As it’s on-demand, you don’t have to disable it because it’s not a realtime engine live antivirus has. But why not an option to disable the right click menu or something like that.

Comodo Memory Firewall saved my life today !!! (:AGL) (S) (R)

Killed the process (:TNG) (B) (L) (:KWL)

really? you mean you got BO attack & CMF blocked it? how come? i mean what did you do? i’ve never seen/experienced BO 88) but it is said to be a common security exploit? my CMF only block Botester so far ;D

hmm… What were you doing?

:smiley: yeah waterwall, don’t be shy ;D

I was just surfing the web on some “warez” site. ( How stupid was that ? ) U know trying to find a “cure” to my friends Kerio Firewall, because that dumb…s doesn’t like Comodo ( NOW HOW STUPIT IS THAT ??? ) And suddenly a popup from Comodo Memory Firewall shows up. Afcourse I pressed Kill and got out of the site the same instant (:LGH) (S)

I don’t know about false positives in Memory Firewall, but I’m not sure I want to find out if it was a false positive or not (:TNG) :SMLR

hmmm some fishy fishy sites huh ;D , eehhmmm. may i know it? :smiley:

hmm… what website do you know check your log?

Sure. U were warned (:LGH)

Link to malicious warez site removed.

lol If you wanted to ■■■■■ you coulda PM’d ME


hmmm… not bad of a website

I was trying to find a serial for Kerio 4.5.916. And all the serials I found were expired (:SAD) My friend want’s that stupid Kerio. And we use ULTRA VNC for helping and viewing. He could use the free version of that Kerio, but then it blocks VNC and there is no way to let it go.

here we go,
CMF activated…checked
CFP on paranoid mode…checked
hammer on standby position … checked

??? nothing happen. since i’m already here, where do i find cracked midi converter program ;D

Really ? :BNC But isn’t that bad ? Especially in Comodo forums (:WIN) (:LGH)

Ganda. Try playing a little bit there :SMLR You may catch something interesting (:LGH)

Maybe not a BO attack, but something … evil (:CLP) (:TNG) (:LGH)