cmdagent.exe hogging cpu

Win XP Home, SP3 32 Bit.
AMD Sempron 2.3 GHz

CIS 3.12.111745.560

Just had a problem with cmdagent.exe hogging 100% cpu. Had to reboot to clear it.

I have the same problem, except it started again after reboot. I had to disable the service in order to use my laptop.

OS win7 RTM x86
RAM 4gb
CIS - latest
Other sercurity - BitDefender av, on demand only

Does this have to do with an AV database update?


Same thing happened here after AV DB update to 2526. (CIS 3.12.111745.560

Laptop running XP SP3 512MB RAM

PC unusable with Cmdagent using 100% CPU.
Reboot doesn’t help beacuse as soon as you try to run anything , Cmdagent goes back to 100%.
Managed to go into safemode and disable AV scanning - laptop now usable.

Tried the same on my dual core desktop PC again running XP SP3. AV DB was at 2525 - everything fine. Copied this DB version to a Flash drive for backup. Updated to 2526, CPU then goes to 50% ie one core is fully utilised by cmdagent. At least the other core is still free to do things.
Copied 2525 DB onto laptop and that now runs OK. Something very nasty in 2526 DB.

Same thing here on W2k3 and XP…

I have atest comodo installed on about 10 computers, and one of them only today I updated around 3 hours ago. From 1 hour ago all Comodo Internet Security computers started to show cmdagent.exe at 100% CPU and there is no way to disable it, unless I totaly uninstall Comodo. Didn’t try this since it might be a virus behaviour, but I want to know if there is some bug or anything. We use Windows XP.
Anyone can confirm anything about bugs, or new viruses?

Same bug today, Win7 x64

Notified dev’s…

How to disable cmdagent.exe.

Just to make the PC’s usable, but be sure to re-enable when issue is corrected!

Start in safe mode, run “services.msc” find the Comodo Internet Helper Service, right click, Properties, and disable the service.

Reboot and all works. To enable again, you do not have to re-start in safe mode. Change the service back to automatic, apply, then the service is startable


Having the exact same problem, have to kill cmdagent when I boot, otherwise my computer will not respond. I think it has something to do with the updater, since It’s stuck on 5% and is somehow making cmdagent go 99% cpu usage

Wow, just wow… this thing just took out every PC in my house (thankfully I have a mac laptop handy!) and I had to perform uninstalls in safe mode to get them working again, since I didn’t have time to start fiddling with services.

I wonder if this impacted every CIS install out there, since my systems range from XP to 7, so it doesn’t seem to be OS dependent.
I must say, this is a pretty bad slip-up and I’m waiting for an explanation as to what exactly is the cause for this and how to prevent it from happening again.

I have the same problem PC totally unusable. I had to start in safe mode, set the comodo service to manual and reboot.

Once i did this PC OK. I have not got Comodo running now.

Any ideas?


I was hoping to ifnd a solution from Comodo on how to fix the issue of cmdagent.exe consuming 99% of the cpu resources on my WinXP Pro system.

It began consuming the cpu completely this am, and when I did a reboot it prevented Win XP Professional from booting up.

That’s a pretty significant problem in my book - one that will result in mass abandonment of Comodo Antivirus if not resolved pretty rapidly.

I finally did a Safe Boot and was able to uninstall Comodo Antivirus and now the computer boots rapidly and the internet connection (webpage loads) are 40 or 50 % faster without it installed.

Is there an explanation or hot fix available?

I’m going to guess that the latest push to our desktops has the AV program pinging the wrong server for an update and its stuck in a for / next loop that it is not prepared to handle. It appears to be affecting lots of people out there with the first solution available being to uninstall Comodo AntiVirus.

An unfortuanate way to lose a customer base… course it is free! ;D


В общем такая ситуация тоже со 100% загрузкой. Дома 2 компа… раюботают круглые сутки. Comodo пользуемся с женой уже месяца 3 - 4. Версия последняя. Сегодня пришли домой, и начали как обычно шарится по интернету, и тут блин 2 компа практически одновременно начинают жутко тупить. С трудом открыл диспетчер задач, там процес COMODO cmdagent 99 - 100% грузит оба компа. Ждали минуты 3, после не стали перезагружать компы…а пошли заниматься своими домашними делами…приходим компы отвисли. ЧТо это было?? За все 4 месяца использования антивируса + файрвола COMODA такое впервые! Шел какой то активный слив данных в интернет
Сканирование по расписанию отключено!

Windows на одном 7 7600, на втором 7 - 7100

In general, such a situation, too, with 100% load. Houses 2 companies ... rayubotayut round the clock. Comodo take his wife already months 3 - 4. Latest version. Today came home and started as usual sharitsya on the internet, and then a pancake 2 companies are beginning almost simultaneously eerie rebate. With some difficulty opened the Task Manager, there are processes COMODO cmdagent 99 - 100% of cargo both companies. Waited 3 minutes after the restart the PC did not ..... and went to do their chores ..... come Comp dropped. What was that? For all of 4 months of use antivirus + firewall COMODA is the first time! It was what is the active discharge data in the Internet Scanning scheduled off!

Windows on the same 7 7600, the second 7 - 7100

Dev’s are working on it…

Same problem here. I’m using Windows 7 x64 with 4GB RAM. The problem occured after installing directory opus 9 (x64)
CIS: 3.12.111745.560

Yep same for me to. And that google Translation is proper funny ^^^

Я отключил ЛОГИ только на одном компьютере на втором не трогал. Тот где отключил работает, на втором где не отключил уже раза два 100%.

GOOGLE I turned off the logs on only one computer at the second did not touch. The one where the disabled work, the second where there is already switched off twice again 100%.

Please don’t be so quick to slam Comodo. I know of paying software that have released updates which prevented PC’s from working. Comodo is generally very quick to respond to issues and it will be resolved. As Ronny said, the Devs are working on it.

Also, you don’t have to uninstall Comodo, simply disabling the service is sufficient.


Thank you very much :frowning:

Actually, there is no need for safe boot and service disabling. If you can wait long enough to boot&login AND you can start CIS GUI, comodo allows you to kill the cmdagent.exe process from within its own “Active processess” window. So i killed the service, for now, i stay in suspend to RAM and when the fix is ready, I’ll just have to reboot.