Cloud scanner can't remove malware...


I made some test with malware and using Comodo firewall (with D+ and sanboxe) and when I download a malware on my desktop, try to open it comodo indicate to me that it has sandboxe what I was trying to open and I receive an alert from the cloud that it is a Trojan. So when I click on clean, it didn’t work and I received another message about getting in contact with live support… To delete the file (easylly) I have to go on D+, untrusted files and delete the file!

Is this normal that the cloud alert can’t clean the files it found has malware? I joint the alert I received…

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You should install the antivirus module first.

If you set the configuration as “CIS”, then CFW will not popup the alert window, “removed failed”.

Not sure I undestand?

I download and install only the comodo firewall (I use Avast for AV) so I don’t understand when you say that I should Install the AV module first???

As for my configuration it is set as Proactive security. Is it that configuration that made the cloud scanner unable to delete the malware it founds???

If you install the firewall only, then CFW will not delete malwares but just popup alerts.

What is the point then to scan on the cloud things that are sandboxe and then receive a popup alerts saying that this is a malware with 2 option : clean or ignore. If you click clean, it doesn’t works and then receive another popup saying that removing failed and ask if I want to contact live support (yes or no)…

What is the point of the cloud scanner in D+? What is the point of having a popup alerts with the options of cleaning or ignore if the function cleaning doesn’t work?

Sorry but I am a little bit confuse here…

defence+ cannot quarantine threats its to stop malware from being executed so that they dont cause any harm defence+ lacks quarntine module and depends on antivirus to quarantine if it detects anything you could easily install the antivirus and disable it if u want defence+ to quarantine

in simple words
Antivirus = Police. :P0l
Firewall = Watchmen.
Defence+ = Personal bodyguard ( so when a bodyguard finds any suspicion or threat it stops./blocks the threat and alerts the police :P0l to put the threat in jail since it lacks the authority

I kind of think it as funny but simple and true
hope you understand and don’t blame defence+ since its doing what it has to do perfectly :smiley: :-TU

Your prob is similar in a way here. Read the thread

The only difference is you have not installed CAV but Cloud AV is there & it use to delete the malware in the previous version. It may not be able to delete the malware now for few reasons

Previously Clean meant Delete, clean use to delete the files. But now Clean means Quarantine & as there is no quarantine folder coz CAV is not installed, quarantine is not possible so the remove failed error.

If you read the thread above, there is a bug in Realtime Scanner of CAV which is going to be handled in the next release within few weeks.


Thanks for taking the time to explain the problem to me ;D

So, if I understand correctly, the problem is that now when clicking on “clean”, the cloud scan want to quarantine the object instead of deleting it but since there is no quarantine folder with Comodo firewall (with D+ and Sandbox) the cloud scan can’t “clean”/quarantine the objects… Can I simply create a folder call “quarantine” somewhere in the comodo folders to rectifie the problem?

If that is, this is a bug that should be corrected…

yes you are right but i dont thing creating a quarantine folder would work but atleast you could give it a try if it works for u it way work for others as well i dont know if this is a bug or no ?

But, you can not restore the quarantined objects.


Nice metaphor haha, explains it perfectly :slight_smile:

Quarantine Function was suggested with D+ & FW Only but Devs didn’t replied. D+ has cloud AV & detects malware so there has to be quarantine function.


But would this not conflict with the other AV installed?

For “install firewall only”

Please replace the buttom, “clean”, with this one.

terminate process

If the user enables auto mode, then the cloud scanner terminates the processes of threats automatically.

There should be a way to handle threats detected by Cloud AV. And it can be handled in various ways like providing quarantine, blocking processes, etc.


Thanks for clearing that up, to be honest I did not engage the old brain too much hence the auto-response… haha.

Although this does not directly effect me, this should be rectified and a solution provided as I may have use in the future, and of course it’s not just about me… loads of other uses need this for the obvious reasons…

Totally agree with you there Naren.

A quarantine option in Defence+ would be nice :-La
but then there would be two quarantine 88)
one in the antivirus and the other in defence+ which would be confusing ???
blocking and unloading the threats from memory would be more than enough :-TU
if defence+ could do that :-TD

Any suggestion guys ? ???

+1 :-TU

Only “Terminate” or “Block” would be enough…

Please move it to here. ;D

Well, there can be only 1 quarantine use by both D+ (AV cloud) and the AV. Also that way, what ever package (CIS, Firewall, etc.) you install you will have a quarantine…