Cloud scanner can't remove malware...

Yeah, I guess a256886572008 had that in mind with his last post… :-TU

Good idea :-La a common quarantine would be perfect :-TU now the problem is when and how will it get implemented ? ???

The same happens when you install CIS with Antivirus.
The malware can’t be deleted or quarantined. So, why is the “clean” button there for Cloud detections?

I hope they’ll implement something to delete or quarantine the offending file found by the cloud analysis of the Defence+.

Can someone from Comodo tell us if this issue will be resolved and if so, when?


Hi Atomas31, thanx for heads up PM.
Well we know this problem and are working on it, to make it consistent.
I can’t say when it will be solved yet.

Since the cloud is D+ why not have BLOCK as an option. So it can still be blocked and locked down so it can’t do any harm. Then you can look up the file and delete it yourself if you want.

I suggest cloud scanning option - “synchronously scan in cloud” checkbox to make a true cloud-based antivirus blocking execution unless checked online. And checkbox for those who don’t have or have slow internet connection