What is the job of this process?

Is only for “Active Clean” feature? If yes, shouldn’t be turn off automatically if I turn off the “Active Clean”?

And sometimes use a lot of CPU…


I don’t think it’s related to Active Clean features. I assume it’s CSC’s startup engine or something like that.

I experience the same thing as you do (with the cpu-usage).


This process only appears to have become evident with version 3.0. In my case it is using so much CPU that my PC has become unstable and is closing down automatically to prevent damage.

I’ve had to revert to version 2.0 and am in contact with Comodo about this.

Refer to my comments in the thread started by Gordonia about CSC 3.0 causing his PC to become unstable.


I also have an issue with this:

Every time this computer is loading the rest of Windows on the desktop,
I get this “error report” (2 times in a row) of ‘Cleaner_Validator.exe’ having been stopped.

Since I see there’s said it might stop because of a CPU-overload,
I take it my slower CPU causes the same issue and I should perhaps also revert to V2?

I must say though, this didn’t happen before.
And I recently had a terrible virus which COMODO Anti-Virus didn’t catch and it was too late.
So now I’m having all kinds of issues, but it’s about the ‘Cleaner_Validator.exe’-process right now.

Do you have any advice on how to fix this?
Cause for one, this process doesn’t run at all anymore after it crashed,
plus I don’t know if it’s supposed to run or only for startup or something.
And if it is supposed to run, who knows my COMODO-software is broken and my system not safe.

Can I do some kind of repair or something or should I just reinstall or install a different version even?


Further to my comments on 7th November, I have today received the following response from Comodo:

"There was indeed an issue with Cleaner_Validator using too much CPU, but this issue is already fixed and it will be included in the next release of Comodo System-Cleaner. Thank you for your support.

Technical Support"

In the meantime I suggest you uninstall version 3.0 and revert to version 2.

I have enough issues with trying to network Win7 to Vista to XPPro and a Mac…without my registry “cleaner” causing more grief than it’s worth.

I’m removing the entire program until I read somewhere that they’ve fixed this problem.

Not a threat…just a ‘heads up’ to the development crew. (I LOVED this product before updating last week!)

Why is ‘cleaner_validator.exe’ consuming resources when it’s not needed?

I have chosen to uninstall Comodo and until an answer is provided, it will remain uninstalled…►good-bye!◄

Ummm … the answer is two posts above.

Hello again fellow sufferers.

I was assured only today by Comodo Support that version 3.0.172695.53 could be safely installed without any Cleaner_Validator.exe issues. Not true. This dangerous executable is still using inordinate amounts of CPU to the point where my PC is shutting down with the blue screen of death and warnings that to protect my PC any recently installed software needs to be uninstalled!

I’ve reported this back to Comodo Support and told them that I shall again be reverting to version 2.0 until this issue gets properly resolved once and for all.

This process is the real time part of CSC. It monitors the file system and registry for items to clean so when you open CSC it already lists the files that need cleaning and you don’t need to scan to find them. It is also used by active clean to remove these files and registry keys as they are created.

Every few minutes it will jump up to 25% CPU usage ( I presume using one full core on my system). I guess this is because i have active clean enabled and it is deleting files etc. I haven’t noticed any considerable slow down my self.


Thanks for explaining what cleaner_Validator.exe does:)

clean_validator.exe use under small periods (a few seconds… I would say 3-5 seconds) 50% which can effect the computer’s performance. That you can see if you play or work with a heavy application (such as CAD or anything alike).

Valentin N


Cleaner_Validator.exe only does it’s job when the processor is idle. If anyone is using the core of the processor that Cleaner_Validator.exe is using, we wait until that job is done.

I am having the same problem and my cpu is chewed up when I am using the net so bad my screen freezes
it does not wait until cpu is idle. a real pain in the _ss so much so i am even thinking of going back to ZONE :-[

if clean_validator is causing high cpu usage disable it and this how you disable it. Start —> run, here you write services.msc. Find clean vaildator and right click on it and select properties and here you you choose disable.

Valentin N

Didn’t find the process in there, but I found it in my win task manager, i have not tried to disable it there before checking back with those of you who know!

What is the function of cleaner_validator.exe do and do I need to keep it?

I do not have fast access and at times its like going back to dialup.
Would any other progs interfere with validator?


I guess this is “Comodo System - Cleaner Service” in services. I’ll disable it too because several times had troubles (several weeks ago) with Cleaner_Validator: on attempt to shutdown/restart my winXP error messages and unable to shutdown without pressing power or restart buttons.

It’s been over three months and they still haven’t gotten it right.
Just uninstall Comodo and your problems are gone. Your CPU will thank you.

Got today:

Cleaner_Validator 0x10022739 access to 0x00000000, memory can’t be read

After that: closed uTorrent (2 errors “not enough system resources”), closed Firefox (problems with viewing pages), after that I was able start task manager (before that error 0x12 or something like that) and found that CleanerValidator using 126192KB memory. Windows explorer bugged (no folder pictures when I trying to store this text file from Notepad++, error “no quotes” to access “My Documents”). After restart everything works. Hope it helps to fix. Will wait for working CSC.
WinXP sp3.

Same problem here as well. From time to time Cleaner_validator.exe uses 25% to 45% of the system resources available on my Intel Core 2 quad Q6600 2.4GHz. It’s rather easy to fix with ctrl + alt + del / ctrl shift esc (can’t remember the name of the thingie that pops up with running processes and what other, hum) and choose it from the process list and terminate it. This seems to disable (for me) the active cleaning, even though it is not enabled on my PC, yet the System Cleaner is left running without hogging extra CPU resources.

Strange, but I only really see this problem when I play something with full settings (Say any of the “newer” games as in Left 4 Dead 2). Just

Atleast, this solution has so far worked on both Windoxs XP SP3 and OEM Windows 7 Finnish edition (not sure of the version number).

Nutshell: Termiante the process Cleaner_validation.exe on Windows XP running Servicepack 3 with a 2 core processor or bigger and handle the cleaning of files (disc, privacy, registry) manually by opening the System Cleaner and choosing what to remove, untill a fix is prepared.

Hope this helps some of you who wish to keep System Cleaner with them. ;D

Every 5 minutes I get a windows vista message pop up “Cleaner_Validator.exe has stopped working and was closed” if I hit the help button it refers me to data execution prevention,.

Basically Comodo used to be a really good product, but it seems someone coded something and they dont know how to fix it now, + interactive help is a joke they have no clue whats going on.

so sadly, i will uninstall comodo and find another program to use