CIS vs NIS video

Here is a link til a 3 video competition CIS 5 vs NIS 2011. A good review and it shows that CIS is on same level as NIS 2011 :slight_smile:

geraner - YouTube (video 1)

geraner - YouTube (video 2)

geraner - YouTube (video 3)

but can NIS automatically sandbox a brand new unknown malware? :wink:


but can NIS automatically sandbox a brand new unknown malware?
I can guarantee that it doesn't >:-D

Nope it cant :wink: I found this review and I think it is good to se a thing that most of CIS users know, but NIS, KIS, PIS, etc etc users dont. That to have exellent protection you dont have pay alot of money! You simply use CIS Premium! ;D ;D

The other thing is that when you look at video 1 at the time NIS ask about an unknown file, it states thats it origin is safe by showing a green “V” next to it. It must be from the norton safeweb search. That is a bit confusing when you dont know what to do and NIS says that the file is unknown but show that the “origin” is "green… ??? ;D ;D ;D

and now we have our SecureDNS service blocking malware domains, its even more powerful.

and here is why Automatic Sandboxing is a must !


Sandbox (as reported in these forums) is not a real one and sometimes has strange issues.
And i suppose that secure dns (and every concurent software) does not know all malwares in the world in real time.

A second line protection for unsafe users, why not, but a “must”?

My idea is that firewall/hips should be enough (but don’t make me say what i did not, i.e. that NIS, KIS or whatever you call it would be as good or better once the comparison made fair, without the sandbox looking only to me, but it’s only my personal opinion, as a gadget).

I think this video proves that a cap has to be placed on the total amount of system resources files running in the sandbox can consume.

If the infections can still greatly hinder your ability to use your own computer then you’re not completely shielded from the all the negative effects of an infection.

I have not had any strange issues with the sandbox in CIS 5. But I have not been looking for a way to get a strange issue either.

From the video it could look like when to many apps where running in the sandbox it slowed down the system. But how much ram was it on the virtual system? Who knows.

And I dont belive users of CIS will run into xxxxx numbers of malware in the sandbox before understanding that there is something wrong. Besides, you can kill apps from the defense+ settings anyway.

Why did the sandbox stop popping up for the unknown files?

No, but it does have Norton download insight which blocks the downloads from the web using its massive number of users so its like a cloud service.


if you are one of the first victims of a malware, all these people can’t help you can they :wink:


Your right about that! I do love Comodo’s sandbox though!

Part 4! Norton Internet Security 2011 vs Comodo Internet Security (Part 4) - YouTube

In part 2, he runs the application Casino on Norton: Norton Internet Security 2011 vs Comodo Internet Security (Part 2) - YouTube
Does he do it on Comodo? I can’t find it…

Probably no ^^, but it will block it.

On the contrary, if ytou are one of the first people, that’s were Norton’s Insight is most effective.

The real question is, for an average user, is Comodo as user friendly as NIS? Sure, 4 and 5 have made strides in the right direction, but we are still very far away from NIS’s automation and user friendliness.

I think that any noob user will apreciate much more a higher detection than the invisible protection of the sandbox. Taking into account that when you trust in an app you will run it out of the sandbox could be also a malware, because nobody will execute a file if they can think that can be dangerous. So when is useful the sandbox?
Taking into account that we can choosed not install Comodo AV they can use:

Comodo FW,D+,Sandbox + Norton AV and you will have the highest detection and the best protection.

Anyway Comodo AV is free and this means a lot.

If your app can run in the sandbox and you aren’t after performance, you should do it.
I can see 2 reasons not to run an app in sandbox:

  • the app can’t run in the sandbox because it’s too limited
  • the app runs slowly and you need performance (game)

Other than that, if Comodo tells you it doesn’t know it and it will run in the sandbox, why not?

As you can see in video 4 , cmd process that are not killed are still in memory and slow down the pc as I noticed here :

Hope that issue will be solved in next version.

Go and explain this to the noobs.
Anyway almost all the malware does not work properly in the sandbox, if you think that the file is safe you will execute it out of the sandbox to see if it works.

Norton strikes again

[quote]Performance Monitoring
Performance Monitoring is new for Norton 2011. It provides informative alerting based on application performance. If an application is using too much CPU, Memory, writing too much to Disk, or using too many Handles, We’ll provide information by way of a notification alert, Application Card, and Security History logging.