CIS vs NIS challenge : What is the real challenge ?

CIS vs NIS challenge : What is the real challenge ? What is the purpose of Melih’s challenge to Symantec ?

My theory is this : Comodo makes money by selling Digital Certificates, and Symantec made money by selling Security Software … untill they bought Verisign, and became the biggest Digital Certificates competitor on the market for Comodo. So if you are Comodo and you have a free Security Suite you beleve can compete with the paid Security Suite from Symantec, than that is where you can make Symantec lose money.

The only reason Melih challenged Symantec, is that Symantec is Comodo’s biggest competitor on the Digital Certificates market. If McAfee would have bought Verisign, he would have have challenged McAfee !

Greetz, Red.

How do you know this? You say this like it is fact… references/sources please.

Kail please ;D

I know Melih a little ;D

Greetz, Red.

It’s an interesting insight, but Comodo didn’t really start anything.
If it’s the case, Symantec shouldn’t make a rod to beat its own back.
Why should they claim free software can’t protect? Because they lose money if they don’t sell NIS.
Comodo has nothing to lose, their software is already really good and is free.

I see nothing wrong with this challenge, Symantec tried to discredit companies which deliver free softwares, Comodo has something to say about it.

Symantec bought Verisign and tried to discredit their biggest challenger?
Well… you have it.

And every company has to earn money to survive, so there’s nothing wrong with that.

I agree there is nothing wrong with the challenge. I only have my thoughts about Melih’s motives. Comodo has a lot to lose on the Digital Certificates market to Symantec.

Greetz, Red.

Sorry, what’s your point? Look, I’ll be point blank… is this your personal theory or is it based on fact?

The theory about the CIS vs NIS challenge is my thought about Melih’s motives for this challenge. I made that clear in my previous post.

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No, not for me anyway. What’s the intent/objective of this topic?

To get a reaction from Melih on my theory :slight_smile:

I know he won’t answer a pm from me about it. Why ? That you should ask Melih :wink:

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Given what you’ve already posted, why should I not consider this an ad hominem attack on Melih?

Because it isn’t :slight_smile:

But I will edit my post about Melih, although that is based only on facts.

And I will edit my first post that it is my personal theory.

Greetz, Red.

Like we know you a little…

@ Rednose
You could be right, but I’ve also got to assume it has a little something to do with how Norton is one of the best security products out there and they made the comments about free AV’s. This opened the door to this challenge, which can only help to increase the number of people using CIS.

Don’t forget that Comodo’s long term plan is to increase their SSL sales by getting their name known to more people through their free products. This challenge increases their publicity and, hopefully the trust people put in them, and eventually their sales.

Just to make this clear to everyone. These are my opinions, not facts. :wink:

Of course knowing Melih, he also just wants to challenge Symantec and beat them at their own game. ;D

Rednose: I do try to answer my ■■■…thousands of them!! Sorry if I missed yours…by all means go ahead and PM me again, just in case I didn’t recieve yours.

As to my challenge: I thought it was pretty clear…I see a systematic discrediting of Free AV… Yes we make money from Digital Certs…but we also make money from providing top notch security to Enterprises…our customers are happy end users who take our free product and deploy in in their businesses… Plus we invested millions of dollars in the Free AV product we have (CIS, CAV etc)… so that end users can be protected…

So I have few problems with Symatec’s tactics: Which are scaremongering with false information against many products, including Comodo, that would sufficiently secure end users. yet they are led to believe these products are not enough. Its not about Comodo being better than Norton…its about shutting up Symantec from scaremongering using misinformation.

Let me tell you how this affects me and my business:

  1. At personal level:
    I believe Internet is too important for human race for it to go unprotected…I strongly believe Internet will help human race to go thru another “industrial revolution”. So me, as an Idealist Geek, have taken it upon myself to protect the Internet. Afterall if we all left it to someone else for everyting, where would we be as society. That is why I have created a new technology Comodo Internet Security (Default Deny) and new business model “Totally Free Desktop Security”. So at personal level, to see everyone secure is a personal goal. So do i want to see a world whereby people are spread misinformation and scaremongering? of course not! Do you?

2)At business level:
It is important to do good by the user. This is our motto from day one. Money will follow, as long as you do good by the end users. TBH, whether this will affect the business negatively or positively, I do not know. I don’t have a crystal ball. Will I keep quite and not defend end users thinking that it might affect the business? Not me! you can’t improve society by keeping quite and accepting injustice.

So, having seen the misinformation being spread again (although original statement was from 2009) in Sept 2010 it started me…then we saw yet another statement from Symantec ( pls check my post) which proved me right that Symantec is doing this systematically.

Now with our challange, there is enough information out there so that Symantec can be called out if they are to make similar misleading statements. So its all about keeping them honest…and that is good for the users!



Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

About my pm :

The offer still stands :slight_smile:

Melih, I am very honnest to you when I say I have serious doubts about you, based on your own actions in the past and also based on what other people told me. But if I would like to attack you in public as Kail beleves, I wouldnt have send you that pm.

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Yes, I am sorry, I have received that and I have no idea why I haven’t answered it. I only had like 2000 ■■■ last 30 days :slight_smile:

I would love to have a version please, thank you.

I have no doubts about you, because I don’t know you, no matter what others say about you.

If the offer still stands, would love a copy of the mag pls.



Stop het in de scanner , maak er een pdf van en stuur mij een pm met download link.

Translation: Put it in the scanner, make it a pdf and send me a pm with download link.

To Melih : Should I send the magazine to Jersey City ???

Aan EricJH : Ik kan op dit moment niet scannen. Als je geduld hebt tot woensdag dan maak ik een scan op mijn werk en stuur je de PDF :slight_smile:

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if you can scan and email, then this would be easy enough. I don’t want to burden you.

thank you again.


Translation: To EricJH: I cannot scan at the moment. Can you wait until Wednesday then I will make a scan at my work and will send the pdf.

Sounds good to me.