CIS v5 Release

Is CIS v5 still scheduled to release tomorrow (9/14/2010) ???


No, its today! :-TU

:smiley: >:-D >:-D
I’ll check

It’s all about the time zones !

Look at the top of the page there on user info… it sais there the official time from Comodo !

It looks like they are 8 hours behind me ! So I should expect the CIS v5 update at around 4 pm (16:00) or depending when they start their work in the morning !

mouse1 posted a sticky on how to install CIS 5.

Where? Give us a Link!

The sticky posts are at the top of the board…

I’m ahead :slight_smile: where I live now are 2,18 pm.

Add one hour to the time under user info.It’s 9:33 AM…

Its 8:36:38AM there and its 7:07:10PM here :frowning:

I see that Comodo time is 08:43 am !

Do they start work at 9 or what ?!

Too bad that I have to uninstall v4 to install v5 without being able to export my D+ and Firewall program permissions and have to allow them again and all that jazz !

That is if it releases today !

You are worse then children waiting Christmas Evening (not because of Jesus, of course…):
what’s the matter if you install it tomorrow or the day after?

Dont’ you understand the enthusiasm to try a new release ?!

Lol, he just wanna act mature like, he is actually more eager than us ! Why do you think he posted ?! He also was browsing the forum to see if it was released !

I actually took time from work today just to install the new version because I know then there’s alot of time to spend allowing all my applications again !!

It will be major bummer if it doesn’t get released today !

hi all,

I just received 5.0.162636.1135 release of comodo, I think it’s final release CIS 2011 ?

Yes but I will wait to make a clean install.

I will make a clean install later, for now it’s seem work fine

1135 is the final release. It is already at the automatic updater. Still waiting for the official release topic by egemen.

Thanks Eric for this good news