CIS v5 Release

Did you update from the RC2?

yes I updated from RC 2.1 BUILD 1126

I think he did, because 4.1 updater says no update available.

So it works through the updater ?!

That’s good, but I’ll make a clean install as I hear that is recommended for a better protection !

EDIT: So 4.1 hasn’t got the update ?

EDIT 2: Yep, it doesn’t !

Recommended if you update from 4.1…
But if you already have the RC, I think it’s safe to update.

The update will come on the automatic updater for v4.1 in one or two weeks.

Agreed here.

One or two weeks ?!

No way I’m waiting that much ! I was goin’ to do a clean install anyway !

I have the RC .1126
When trying updating, It got stuck at 2% saying "cfp.exe : The file download was aborted abnormally. The file is incomplete.
Five minutes before that, it got stuck at 1% saying cmdagent.exe : The file download was aborted abnormally. The file is incomplete.

Would it be because everyone is trying to update at once??? <—I think thats the reason, I just tried again, now I’m stuck at 9%. Sweet 91% to go :slight_smile:

Will it be Comodo Complet v.5 today too?

I just encounter some problems like stucking in 4% and saying some .exe is aborted… try to restart your computer… then wait for the automatic update… close any internet browsers or other program that use network connection and try to update… it works for me in windows 7.

Thanks EricJH, no problem, I always prefer to make a clean installation. I’m waiting for it.

Yes it is available now.

Let the department in charge of the web, that only CIS Complete and Comodo Antivirus Advanced have the 2011 designation and new box image… It kinda makes it confusing for the other versions (Pro, Plus, free). Unless that’s intended and those versions are not updated to 5.0 yet (apparently the download links are indeed still version 4.1).

Good luck with launch. I am an ESET user, whose license is ending next month, so I’ll be giving Comodo a spin. ;).

Perhaps the following will help…

  [url=]Differences: CIS "Premium", "Pro" and "Complete"[/url]

I knew about those differences. Does it mean its only one installer for all versions? Thanks, and keep the good work :slight_smile:

Erm… no, possibly not. I’m currently seeking clarification from Melih if the other installs (well, CIS Complete at least) have also been updated to CIS 5. However, since it’s very busy my PM’s are probably getting lost in his inbox. In short, I don’t expect a prompt response on this. I’ll email him later if I don’t get a reply.

This is exactly what I meant, sorry I wasn’t clear in my original post and made you think I was just confused about the differences between CIS Pro, Plus and Complete. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll await for a reply on this topic when you have it. Thanks again.

Right Egemen has posted in the 1135 release topic…

It was in response to the following question…

… the response…

So, I guess that’s the answer.

Here’s another question & answer, which amounts to the same thing I believe…

So, by 28th September or… 2 weeks (max).

Awesome. Thank you, Kail. I’ll wait then. I was hoping to test it earlier than that , since my current AV expires on October 8th. hehe… No biggie.

Best regards

P.S.: I love your nick, reminds me of Kal-El too much :stuck_out_tongue: