CIS v4.1.......CIS Premium!

CIS Premium


Good work Melih and all of the other Dev staff.


We trust and depend on you (for security).

:comodo110: :comodorocks: :ilovecomodo:

Now you have a PURE Protection Engine, Rock Solid CIS Premium, (CIS v4.1) and nothing else!
Man I'm impressed. And I mean it. :comodorocks:


Wow! (not) The product is where?

Last and final warning Hooter, try again and you’ll get banned!
Comodo Moderators.

I only have some words to say. I’m impressed. Great works Devs

Just to make you happy, I’ve changed my post :slight_smile:

By the way, you can’t give a “last and final warning” without first giving an initial warning. Just to make you feel better, I consider this my initial warning :slight_smile:

Congratulations!! :smiley:
When the beta testing will start?

Remeber fix this:


I doubt that you will get answer for that question. ;D

Anyway, is there going to be a beta or is it going straight to retail like minor updates?

AFAIK it will be a final release… Since at the moment CIS 4.1 is going through a process to get signed, and once signed, gets released.

That all well and good (no I am not taking the mick it is great news) BUT what about the behaviour blocker that was meant to be in this version. Hmmmmmmm. Wake up people!

Behavior blocker was promised for 3.9. One year later we are at 4.1 and it’s still not in sight.
I wonder if we will see it this year…

Is CIS Premium… the only version?

Yeah madness, everbody seems to forget at the slightest thing been offered. What was offered really? Oh a plain firewall or AV or both with nothing added and and a rename. Is that enough to make people turn stupid? Well almost everybody. Glad to know you have a brain evil and your not scared to use it.


What about “Oh a plain firewall or AV or both with nothing added”, how does it make said product look?

Well complains about the addition of the word FREE or integration of LivePC or toolbar in the package has been leveraged plenty to stir up controversies.

But apparently there is always time to raise other ones…


No it is gratuitous “feedback” :wink:

great news. I am looking forward to the release :slight_smile: