CIS Pro license renewal

I was contacted by bluesnap to renew my CIS Pro license.
Having no visibility on the future of CIS I did not renew the license.

Maybe one of these days the Comodo staff will take the trouble to provide this information.

“Soon” is of course not an answer.

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If I had purchased a license for CIS Pro in the past, I would not renew it as well. You took the right decision.
According to some people here, we don’t deserve to know or are not allowed to ask for release dates or anything related to the future of CIS, since “as it is free, no” despite CIS also having a paid-only version and this being common knowledge…

People who paid for a CIS Pro license deserve to know an answer regarding the future of CIS, as well as a possible ETA for a new release. Not providing such answer is not a ethical way of dealing with paid customers.

“Soon” is definitely not enough of an answer in this case.

Those who have paid for a license can ask support that question.

Asking here is a waste of time as the sole member of Staff who posts on CIS forums does not have such information, so asking is not wanted.

Thank you

I don’t agree with you.

Support, whose job is to deal with technical problems, certainly does not have an answer to this question, which is a business choice.

I could use a free licence but I wanted to support CIS by buying a licence. This will no longer be the case until further notice.
With Melih no longer responding, is he still involved in Comodo?, the only place where users who have purchased a licence can make their voices heard is the forum.

My opinion on the subject.
Everyone knows that Windows 11 works with mandatory TPM2 for OS installation.

Knowing that:
The TPM2 module is used to store encryption keys. Concretely, this feature offers the possibility of “materially” managing the data encryption key. In the case of Windows, it can be used by Bitlocker. What is it for ? Introduced with Windows Vista, Bitlocker makes it possible to secure an entire hard drive. In the event that Bitlocker is not implemented on a PC, and if this same PC were to be stolen, it would suffice to remove the hard drive and plug it into another PC to read its contents.
On the other hand, once the Bitlocker technology is activated on a PC, it is impossible to use the data stored there. Bitlocker supports 128 and 256 bit XTS-AES keys (a very strong protection system), data is considered tamper-proof.

So ?

  • Release a version without taking into account the criteria made by Microsoft
  • Data encryption by TPM2 chip
  • Windows 11 imposes its security so what remains for coupling with another protection suite ?
    Personally I think a state-of-the-art firewall will be welcome along with incoming file control via a cloud analyzer
    For now with Windows 10 + CIS everything is going well for me
    (I use Windows 11 Pro without CIS because not recognized by Comodo staff (for now))

Is that sole member of Staff the only Comodo Staff member here? No he certainly isn’t!
In the past many other Comodo Staff members and Melih did answer questions about CIS Premium/Pro development and regarding new releases. Nowadays there seems to be only one Staff member left in the Comodo house whose purpose seems to be to collect and gather bugs reports and feature wish requests from paying/non-paying users with the intent to improve the CIS Enterprise version and not CIS Premium nor CIS Pro as those consumer versions have been clearly abandoned. If CIS Premium or CIS Pro haven’t been abandoned then why doesn’t Comodo Staff respond to these valid questions and provide clear defined answers other then “soon” to their paying customers? Seemingly paying/non-paying customers don’t deserve these clear defined answers as such questions are not wanted here from them.
Talking about “Asking here is a waste of time” applies also to pretty much any CIS question regarding bug fix status or feature wish requests, there is no feedback on these topics either. The forum has become a waste of time over the past years.
Like someone said before, Comodo Staff won’t admit till the very end that CIS consumer version Premium/Pro has been abandoned…

Maybe we will receive a clear answer from Comodo if we ask Melih directly at the Itarian Forums since he is often active over there…

It would be a lot better if the Staff member who answer questions at the Forums could actually know what is happening at the Comodo company with actual access to CIS business plan and development roadmap, etc. He/she certainly is doing a goob job with the tools/information that is available to him/her, but it is insufficient to clear the doubts from multiple users regarding the future of CIS.

In the past we had people like Umesh, Egemen, Fatih.orhan and a few other high ranked Comodo employees actually answering questions regarding CIS development, both to Free/Non-Free customers. Why we can’t have something like that again? Dialogue with your customers is a key aspect for providing a good service.

Freedom wears out if we don’t use it.

The question is asked.

This does not really clarify the situation.

Why does nivedithab not provide feedback from dev team and not answer the question? Why did he make false promises?
And why all of a sudden is someone else answering the question?
Reason because there is no CIS Premium/Pro dev team!!!

It does look like smoke and mirrors.
The future of CIS does not seem to me to be secure and rather compromised.

Based on this other topic:

We can infer that their communication is leaving to desire even with the corporate userbase, as the very same staff member said five days ago they were checking with the dev team. Today there was another reply saying yet again they are waiting for the feedback from devs. :-X

Well at least CIS Enterprise has a dev team that makes up for it.

[b]QuickSilverST January 20, 2023, 4:50pm #15 [/b] There is Internet Security Premium and Internet Security Pro, premium is the free version and has no update for about 2 yrs, the pro(paid) had an update about 3 months ago and has a higher version number. ...

Where is this updated CIS Pro version from 3 months ago???

Current CIS Pro version is and dates back to 10 May 2022.

Indeed CIS and xcitium endpoint seem to be the same.

It has been confirmed that Xcitium Endpoint and CIS Premium/Pro are one and the same product and thus share the same code base from which the product is build.
Now can someone at Comodo push that Build button to push out an updated CIS Premium/Pro version?
Why is it so hard to do that???

No one in the development team will take the initiative if no manager has asked for it and therefore allocated time for it.

So we are back from where we started, we were asking questions about CIS premium/pro development and new releases and unfortunately getting no clear defined answers. No answers on Xcitium board, no answers on this board. Melih did log on to this board recently but unfortunately didn’t provide any answers to our questions nor any feedback on our concerns.

Has the time come to consider CIS premium/pro for Home use as abandon ware and should we neglect the product as a whole like Comodo is neglecting their paying/non paying home users?

Time to say goodbye to Comodo and to seek for other protection vendors so it seems…

Maybe they are still waiting for a reply from the developers. In other threads they usually take more than a week to get an answer even for a simple question, such as the other thread where somebody asked about implementing XAMAS/CAMAS into Xcitium Verdict Cloud. At this point I wonder if these developers are so busy and disconnected from the real world that maybe they are developing/coding while hidden deep inside a cave? :o

Wondering where my previous post went, anyhow.

The feedback is still the same, no answer only empty words.