CIS for Windows 7 build 7000 and higher

There will be a need for CIS to be developed for Windows 7 build 7000 and higher very very soon as the beta’s for Windows 7 are already in the beta tests, please do consider this as I would like CIS for my copy of Windows 7.

Thanks in Advance

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It works fine. Install in Vista compatibility mode.

It rolls my back on my VMWare Workstation even when it detects Vista as Windows 7, And it is normal.

Btw… The beta for Win 7 expires in August so Comodo do have plenty of time to develop for it, IMO once Win 7 goes final then Comodo will start developing on it… Not a polished product yet, But I am impressed with Win 7 build 7000 Beta so far. Runs as fast as XP while, While being easier then Vista and look a like Vista too.


I have run it under vista compatability mode and it rolls back, then unable to install it at all, then wants to send error report to microsoft, that is ok i just cancel it, thanks for your input.

Yes i have the same issue, thanks for the heads up for the development time frame, i will be eagerly waiting for their windows 7 relese, cheers (R)

Isn’t an issue because CIS does not support it and Win 7 only went public beta 24 hours or so ago. :slight_smile: So it’s just time… It’s a nice OS. :slight_smile:


Be aware that there are reports of the firewall not functioning as expected on W7, so please check and test your configs and make sure it works as you expect !

Do you use activate tool developed by orbit30 to remove desktop watermark?
It will broke the compatibility mode of windows 7 build 7000.

Yeah,the firewall is still broken under build 7000.
Hope this problem can be solved,just this problem make me crazy.

I’m installing my VM now, so I’ll see if i have the same problems with the FW.

I’ve been testing around first conclusions:

Installed Windows7 build 7000 official Ms download on VMWare.
Downloaded CIS, selected properties, Vista Compatible, Run As Administrator.
Install CIS.
Disabled Windows firewall.
Select profile “ProActive Security”, set firewall level to Custom Policy, set alerts to very high.

The firewall is working for blocking incoming traffic, so being stealth is not a problem.
The thing it misses is the detection between application traffic and windows operating system traffic.

It put’s all traffic on the “Windows Operating System” application rule.

So in short it works, but only let’s you allow to create rules on the Windows Operating System rule.
If you set a block rule on WOS let’s say port 80, you start firefox, it won’t connect to the internet.


I’ve installed CIS in Windows 7 build 7000 as administrator with compatibility mode for Vista
I can’t run CIS updater. The message is: Error 101: Update could not be completed.
Internet connection is OK. In fact I can update virus database.
Some idea?

I guess it’s missing some parameters, I’ve seen that also…
Nothing other to do then check here or on the CIS main page.

That is the only issue I have. The signatures update fine though. And when this new beta is released, it sounds like we will have to do an uninstall/reinstall anyway.

I briefly tried Win7 (upgrade method, though). The issue I had with it and CIS was it removed the AV completely from the installation. I used the uninstaller to reinstall the AV and rebooted. Seemed OK then.
Note, place CIS in Installation Mode prior to installing Win7 if doing an upgrade. You will receive one security popup, select installer and away you go.

I am trying windows 7 on a dual boot system, no problems so far…installed CIS in Vista compatabilty mode everything seems fine so far.
Tried the comodo leak test utilty and with the correct settings still get full marks…also downloaded a couple of old infected emails i keep on my email server (just for testing) the right click scan works perfectly as does the quarantining and removal. deliberatley clicking on an infected file is stopped by defence+ and removed or quarantined as you wish.

Does running the installer in Vista compatability mode means that CIS is installed to run in Vista compatability modepermanantly, or is it just the installer?

Just the installer. Drivers are never run in compatibility mode.

Once installed, you may find CIS update gives an error message, Automatic AV sig update does not work, manual update of sigs is OK, animation does not work, and active connections are not displayed.

hm… it seems the firewall has quite a bit of trouble detecting new applications trying to access the WWW. AV autoscanner seems to work well enough, though… and parts of D+ work as well

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, just select “Run as Adminitrator” and “Compatible with Vista” on the installer. It should work fine. Of course you have to be the administrator.

Work here.

Hmm, I got BSoD when trying to uninstall CIS. Safe Mode did the trick.