CIS does not create startup key or task for cistray.exe [M1204]

Can anyone confirm if this is fixed in COMODO Internet Security BETA? I will wait until v8 is officially released as stable before I will test, as I do not wish to use a Beta product.

I have installed beta 2 on my computer twice and a VM and havent been able to repo this bug. Seems to be fixed

Chiron, do you know if this issue has been marked by Comodo as fixed? I’m really interested in the statue of this since Comodo said they fixed 50+ bugs.

The devs have not specifically marked it as fixed. However, I have often noticed that in fixing other bugs, often more bugs are fixed than I am specifically informed of. Therefore, there is no reason to believe this is not fixed. Rather, I am assuming it is fixed, and if anyone is using the Beta and finds that it is not fixed for them please let me know.

Not fixed in CIS Beta, COMODO Developers please investigate this and fix the installer. Also maybe fix the v7 one that is having this issue also.

This temporary fix here worked for me:;msg775426#msg775426

Thank you for checking this. I have updated the tracker.

This is a pretty annoying bug. After doing a reinstall of Windows and installing CIS, it still won’t start at startup. Why is Comodo not willing to fix this??? Their installer has been broken for months now!

This is fixed in the beta of v8.

I tested it on my machine and still received the same issue. Even if it was fixed for some in the beta, the current v7 installer still gives the startup problem.

You were stating Comodo is not willing to fix it. They are, but not for v7.

I am a little confused. Netguy101, above you said that it is not fixed for CIS version Beta, which is currently the most recent version. Thus, you did check with V8.

Also, EricJH, this is strange that it is fixed on your system for CIS version, but not on Netguy101’s system.

Has anyone else tested this with CIS version and seen if this bug still exists on their system? If so, please let me know your findings so we can better understand the state of this bug.


Chiron and Netguy, my bad. I thought it was fixed with 4314. :-\

No problem. Hopefully your words will prove to by prophetic for the upcoming release. :wink:

this bug does NOT repo on my system

If only I had such powers… :wink:

When I installed the latest beta, NO startup key was created, CIS did not show the tray icon or widget at startup. However, about 5 mintes later, The tray icon and widget came up. I don’t know why it started up on it’s own, probably cmdagent loaded it but i’m not entirely sure. Anyway this bug still persists as CIS should create a startup key or scheduled task to start at boot up.

Can you confirm there is no task in Task Scheduler for cis.exe on your system?

No, I believe it’s still cistray.exe that is used, either way there is no CIS task for starting at boot present.

Try the following,

Part (i)

  1. Use uninstaller ;
  2. Reset registry permissions (#);
  3. Restart computer system ;
  4. Run removal tool (x2).
    Additionally, run a cmd > SFC /SCANNOW.

Part (ii)

  1. Go to “Safe Mode” ;
  2. Navigate to the Command Prompt ;
  3. Type msiexec/unregister and press Enter ;
  4. Type msiexec/regserver and press Enter ;
  5. Restart your computer system.


I did a clean reinstall of Windows 8.1 and installed the CIS 8 (latest beta) so I don’t think any of the above steps are necessary as the issue is with Comodo’s installer and not my machine. The bug just hasen’t been fixed yet it seems.