CIS becoming paid?

It seems there is no way to download the Free Premium version from Official Website anymore (just a bunch “UPGRADE” buttons all over the place, which leads to CIS Pro acquisition page).

Websites for Comodo Firewall or Comodo Antivirus free versions are OK, problem is with CIS Premium page.

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It has become very hard to find download links to free Comodo security products at We will post links to the free versions in this topic to help users to find them:

Comodo Internet Security Pro | Complete Internet Protection Suite again scroll down to see the 3 different versions to choose from, one of which is the free one.

When a page changes to no longer support download of the free version I will strike it in the above list. Eric
Restored the Free AV download link which is now back. Ploget

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I got a pm from Shane:

Works from here: Download Internet Security Products for PC Protection

Thanks, I will save that link for using in the future.

I wonder if the “problem” in the page Linked in my post was indeed a mistake? or are they planning to turn CIS into paid software? :o

The way still exists but more hidden:
Official Website → “PERSONAL” page → “PC Security Protection - Free” link.
(The same as link above)

Yes but average users or non-english speaking users might find difficult to do that trick. The page is for Downloading CIS Premium (Free internet security) yet there are only “UPGRADE” buttons in it to buy the Pro version…

Mistake? Bad marketing decision? IDK it’s just not a good move from Comodo in my opinion. I hope they fix that.

I find it deplorable when a company succumbs to these type of campaigns. I recently needed to look up the standard cable tv package of the cable provider and it took me effort to locate it. It was almost buried in favor of more expensive interactive package with lot’s of HD channels.

Actually I find it very normal! Best Internet Security Software 2022 | Antivirus Total Security

You’re obviously going to click on whatever heading in which you’re interested, be it SSL, Enterprise or Personal. Click on Personal then all of your choices are there, including the free

There are a lot more complicated websites than that out there. 8)

I do wonder why the link was changed from “Free Download” to a link that directs to the Purchase page though.

I downloaded the installer from there and the installer said “Non 7z Archive” but the links in the Forum still work though.

Until they get those fixed, we’ll just have to get the Free Premium from here> Comodo Forum

I agree 100%. This is not a good marketing strategy.

Indeed, but the user accessed a page for Downloading CIS Premium (Free Internet Security) yet in this page there are just “UPGRADE” buttons, this is somewhat misleading. I remember there used to be a “Free Download” option in this page some time ago, seems it was removed/replaced by those “UPGRADE” buttons. Other users also mentioned this:

I get that they need to sell CIS Pro but they should still offer a small “Free Download” Link below the first “UPGRADE” button, would be more adequate in my opinion.

Here’s the New link to the Free Version> Comodo Internet Security | Best Internet Security Suite for Windows > Home > TECHNOLOGY > Comodo Antivirus > For home user > Internet security (PC) = Comodo Internet Security | Best Internet Security Suite for Windows

Is very difficoult or impossibile find the free version of Comodo now. For me just the forum.

Go here for the Free Version> Comodo Internet Security | Best Internet Security Suite for Windows

Now it’s impossible to Download either Free Comodo Firewall or Free CAV from their respective pages. There is just advertisements for 4,99 per year full protection. Free CIS version can only be downloaded through the Link quoted or through the Forums.

Very bad move from Comodo. Misleading marketing strategy IMO :-TD :-TD :-TD

Well it’s easy to find the Free Firewall: Free Firewall | Best Comodo Firewall Software Download 2022

but it certainly looks like there’s a link missing from the Free AV page, where it says download here Free Antivirus Cleaner 2021 | Download Free Virus Cleaner App . . . but doesn’t do anything!

Mmalheiros- You can indeed download CF directly from the main webpage. Try this:

Note the Green “Get Complete Protection” box?
Now just scroll down a bit and you will see a “Free Download” box appear in the upper right.

Simple as that.


Thank you for pointing this out. I am helping people in a Brazilian Security forum who always ask “What’s the best Free AV to use?” and recommending Comodo to them, but it seems now I will have to point out a Link to this forum if they want to Download the Free CIS Suite.

Otherwise they will end up with the paid version installed because majority of them are average users.

At least I hope Comodo folks don’t remove the Links from here as well claiming it’s better to pay 4,99 a year than use the Free product? …

It is a pity that the staff of Comodo is not communicated on this point.
For me, it’s not too much the price that annoys me, this one is resonable. But I think it starts low so that it can then increase very quickly. In addition, the obligation of automatic renewal gives me a lot of money. This is a method that we find more and more often. With this method, I’m sure I will not switch to a paid version.
In addition, in no place are the conditions of sale.

I am more indulgent with problems on a free software.
If Comodo became profitable, I will be more demanding on many points.