CIS AV won't/can't update

Call me stupid if you must but how do you update this help service thing< I can’t find any settings to relate to it, Nor do I have a password of anykind for comodo other than the forum and I know that ain’t it, I’m not stupid you don’t have to spoon feed it to me but where is where you do all these things you people speak of.

Oh more on my problem I just after usuing a bunch of removal utilities to get rid of any traces of any of the many av programs I’ve tried Chose to give comodo A try, though windows security thinks i have two av programs which i found it it thinks i have live one care which i’ve never installed so i’m using a removal tool for that right now, So yeah this was a clean install of the newest 3.9 first time I try and update it fails no error message just goes to tell me check internet connection, so I’m confused I am afraid it may be something more serious than just this program because, I chose to switch from avg since it was telling me it couldn’t update, I thought this was for a different reason, And then I had all sorts of other porlbems with trying to switch to others, then i stumbled upon this and on the first scan it found like 15 things others hadn’t so I’d like to keep it but not if it won’t update, so please help me understand what to do, I don’t want to have to go back to norton or something like that

I personally think you have an infected system. I would download malwarebytes and superantispyware and run them. See if they find anything and if they do fix anything they can find. Malware is known for being able to block security software.



Well I decided to try another anti-virus just to see if it would update and kaspersky update for me just fine, I think Getting rid of the one care I don’t know where came from helped a bunch, and I now just did a clean install of comodo again so I’ve done the re-install and the switching of the repair .cav and also the comodo malware scanner found 3 pieces of malware that are now gone, so my system is now clean for sure and still no update I would like to know more information on this workaround so i can give it a try, Cause I would really like to be able to keep this software cause IT has found things nothing else has and hey it’s free so help me out here

well it finally clicked in my head that I needed to go to the services menu from manage on my computer not some service you update from the internet security settings boy did i feel stupid when i figured that out but anyway I tried it and it didn’t work I even made a new account and tried it on that one and still no go so i’m going to try these programs this guy recommends and see what happens, Hopefully comodo already found everything though but it still doesn’t work somebody please help me update my av

Ok so I ran those anti-malware spyware programs and lo and behold there was bad stuff that nothing else had found, and now i can update hooray! noe the question is Do I really need to keep these two programs, or is the built in comodo anti spyware malware stuff good enough in the CIS not sure here, I think that the BoClean is built in at least, That’s what i Thought I read, tell me if I’m wrong OR if I should just keep these and scan them when I please, it’s all good though, thanks Langguy big help there, I actuallly was figuring that was my problem because well I know that that is a sign But I thought Comodo had already found everything i guess not though Oh well now my computer is clean and I’m good to go yay comodo!

I would keep them, I always keep them and just scan every now and than. Remember that no one single program is good at everything. If you really want security you have to have different programs and use them as on demand scanners. I actually also have another anti-virus on my computer and just scan ever week with it. I use CIS as my only full time system but you can have as many on demand as you want.

Please notice that after May 26 there will be no more updates for Boclean.

Can’t update. CIS database version - 1179
Reaches 30% and then fails :-\

Hey LangGuy Last Night Comodo Decided that The install File for SUperAntiSpyware was A trojan horse, What’s Up With That, Yet still It Fixed My computer, So Not Sure How That One Works, And Also What is Your 2ndary AV and are there any other spyware malware things I should have or will these take care of everything? and how do you have 2 av’s without losing your computer’s existence, maybe that’s not the case anymnore but I’ve seen many computers have no choice but to reformat/re-install thier os because they installed a 2nd av so how do you do that one, thanks

Well the superantispyware thing is a false positive, it should be fixed with today’s signature release. From what I can tell comodo is working at getting the family signatures and heuristics working better and when that happens sometimes FP increase for a little bit.

My second av is Avira. When I installed it I went to custom and did not install the guard portion. Basically that turned it into a on-demand antivirus. I scan every once in a while with it but it does not monitor my system. These are the scanners things I have on my computer:

Full CIS suite : firewall, D+ and AV

Avira: for on demand scans

Malwarebytes and SUPERantiSpyware : on demand scans

Spyware Blaster: used to block known bad URL’s permanently.

With what I have here I can basically say that you cannot get anything on your computer. You would have to make a decision to do something bad to your computer.

So in other words What I have now learned Is that the best security products out there are free like they should be? best things in life are free right, My dad Would never believe it he’d be like no they probably be viruses he’s a bit paranoid sometimes reasonably so, not so reasonably sometimes too i.e “is there caffeine in the caramel sauce” wtf but yeah thanks langguy, but wait why should I trust you Sure it says your a malware research group person, but how do i know that’s true, then again by their fruits i guess which means you win already for saving my computer

speaking of paranoid do you shut down cis when you run avira? or do they not get mad at each other when you pop it up to scan, I just don’t want to ■■■■■ my computer up over this

Right click on the shield icon in the taskbar, mouse up to Antivirus Security Level, select disabled.

ah you think I would have figured that one out, but thanks so I’m guessing i want to do that when I install right, because well that makes sense and then just make sure avira isn’t set to run on start up and such and just open it as i please. Makes sense thanks much I actually almost was going to use avira exclusively but couldn’t get it to update (imagine that) I’m glad I stumbled upon comodo though I mean really this is amazing, people pay like 70 to 80 bucks a year for this kind of software of this caliber even, so this makes me rather happy, now I have the best of the best woot woot, oh and to cocktail I Don’t mean to ask a stupid question but have you tried all the things from this forum posts such as safe mode then switching the repair .cav to the update one, and the manage the comodo helper service to start with specific user and the super clean install I would uses both comodo’s clean removal tool and Revo uninstaller to get rid of absolutely everything and probably make sure all traces of old av and firewall programs are gone, which can be done by downloading each vendors removal tool though sometimes it takes a bit of scrounging the web to find their tools but they’re there. Also you can of course search the registry if you know your way around it and delete things manually, that’s how I roll after i do all the program auto removal stuff. what else has been on here You could also manually download one of the old databases it looks like but i didn’t try it and nor do i think it will work cause it appears to me that those were for 3.8 and this is 3.9 so yeah that’s no good. also consider you may be infected as I was I figured I had been since my compy had been doing silly things but nothing was finding anything, except the superantispyware and malware bytes and comodo av as well now it’s clean as a whistle so I would almost recommend doing the anti-spyware and malware programs anyway because well I ran it on my parents computer and it found over 100 things though that comp doesn’t have trouble updating it’s got lots of others and a bunch are now solved hooray so yeah I totally just sommed up this whole thread right here hope it helps