CIS AV Update Failure

Are the update servers down?

I am unable to update my AV defs through the program (version automatically or manually.

When trying to update automatically I get the error - Status: A Connection With The Server Could Not Be Established.

When attempting to update manually I get the error - Status: There is a bad version number in this file.

“Error: 0x80072efd - A connection with the server could not be established”
it’s a common problem now 88)

Thank you for your response M.W.

I had previously read the thread you linked to, but as I see there are more and more threads popping up about this issue.

My situation is, I work for a company that tests and sells software, and the Comodo line of products was recently approved. So this is a product we currently offer, and promote with enthusiasm. If this failure to update is something that has been common for some time (longer than say a few days) it is something we have never come across, and have to take into consideration.

I am in the unfortunate position of which programs do or do not make it on our Resale List. My question to the community is simple - Is this recurring problem something we missed somehow? As a company we have never encountered it before…and that is with over two years of testing all available versions of the product, both free and otherwise.

Please note the topic he has linked to is for a old version CIS 5.12.

There have been occasions of no updates for 24 hours, but none recently.

Personally I never have had problems with any virus updates, though there have been some reports in the past.


I concur, I have never experienced any update issues with CIS.
Even when reading these posts, I check, and mine connects and updates with no issues.

I am with you John and Dennis. I have not had a problem with any updates until now. Could be a network configuration problem on my end. That is what I will check next, thanks to your input.

It’s just odd that Comodo Updates are the only thing not working on a network of this size.

it’s been happening for the last 2 weeks. Please read the recent posts carefully 88)

M.W. your post here -

Should work for most machines. Thank you for posting it.