CIS Anti-Virus Update hangs

For some days now when i start my laptop there is an auto update for CIS signatures as usual. But sometimes it hangs at “activating the new updates” and cannot be stopped or anything. what helps is to restart the computer, then all seems OK, and in the main CIS window it says last update 1 minute ago…

Unfortunately, this still goes on. The “activating the new updates” hangs now for 30 minutes…
Please check attached screenshot (taken after 11 minutes)

After nearly one hour i restarted the computer and again it showed: “last update: 1 minute ago” and a new update showed that all is up to date…
The question is now if it is really up to date or not. :-\

Yesterday the auto update after starting the computer was fine, but today again it hangs like described before…

no answer? :frowning:

It’s normal for it to get to 90% and then activate the updates. This happens on my machine and it can be a few seconds to maybe a minute depending on how many had to be activated. Certainly in the first few updates after install, it make take a little bit to update but it does it generally in the background every 6 hours (you can adjust the time period in the settings) or pushes out urgent ones when needed.


Hi raggansta,

Thanks for reporting. Could you please share information’s about CIS version and windows version that your using for further assistance.

Thank you for the answer.
Yes but it stays on “activating the new updates” forever until restart and it is not one of the first updates after install. And it does only happen on the autoupdate after starting the computer, but not all the times. I use the latest versions of CIS ( and Windows10 (1903)

again it happened, when i wanted to shut down the computer i noticed that there is a task in CIS running, so i opened the taskmanager to see for more than 3 hours now it was trying to activate the updates (at least that is what the surface is showing, maybe in background they are activated but not shown on the UI)

Still it occurs from time to time, always on starting the laptop and while auto-updating CIS…
no answer, suggestions, tipps or help? :frowning:

i am not sure whether i should update manually to a new version. maybe i better wait for the update to be made with the updater?

so is it only a UI problem and internally the virus database is updated or not?

Hi raggansta,

Could you please try the latest version of CIS -;msg890622#msg890622. If still the issue occurs in updates please report to us.

Mathi R

same problem with version :frowning:

again the same problem occurs after it was running nicely for some time…
database 32254

Can you check the :\ProgramData\Comodo\CisDumps folder and see if there are crash logs there?

yes there are two, but they are from december and february

Hello raggansta,

Thank you for reporting.Could you please elaborate the exact issue? and kindly send me the dumps via PM let me check with the dev team members,Further any help please let me know?
Have a nice day!

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Thanks for answering Dharshu.
The issue is like described in the beginning of this thread, the autoupdate hangs at “activating the new updates” and hangs there for many hours until restart of the computer and after restart it says “last update 1 minute ago”.
i will send the dumps, but they are from december and february and not from now when it occured again.
i tried to send the files… but don’t know how to do so…

Hello raggansta,

Thank you for your response.Let me check this with corresponding team members.
No problem Please send me and you can upload your logs in Google drive → Get Shareable link and share us the link (Or) else you can use any other resources for the upload.

Kind Regards,